Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

SEAT High Tech Showroom & Curved LED Wall

The brief

As part of a wider company strategy, SEAT wanted to move car showrooms into mainstream retail to make them more accessible.  To achieve this, they wanted to create their second high-tech, Barcelona-inspired dealership to showcase their vision of car showrooms of the future, in Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

The solution

Having previously worked with Seat on using digital signage for a shopping centre dealership, we were able to use our knowledge of the brand, its aims, and build upon the successes of the first site.  Key to the project was to avoid the feel of a hard-sell sales environment.

We created a large high-impact LED wall at the shop front to create visual impact, engage shoppers and encourage them to enter the dealership. This screen would show attention-grabbing content to communicate why Seat was different to other car manufacturers.

We used another four video walls to further bring the showroom to life and create an interesting walk-through learning experience for potential customers.

Video wall and pedestal digital signage within a SEAT car showroom

To enhance the walk-through experience and make better use of the hero space at the rear of the store, which is used to promote the latest new vehicle launch, we recommended a curved LED wall. This would be used to create an immersive 270° branded experience where shoppers could be shown video footage (shot from inside the car) in a range of environments, giving them a taste of what driving the vehicle would feel like (at the time of installation, it would also be the tightest-radius curved LED wall in Europe).

To encourage customers to feel like they were in a relaxed atmosphere, we wanted to create engaging touchscreen displays that people could ‘play around’ with. We created bespoke touchscreen podiums and free-standing digital lecterns to be located next to cars within the showroom. The different types of digital signage would add variety to customers’ learning experience and enable customers to pick and choose the types of information they wanted to access about each of the different cars.

Customers could use the displays as a car configurator, and pay a deposit using the touchscreen digital signage.

Curved LED wall at a SEAT car showroom

The result

As SEAT’s storefront was the only one in the vicinity with an LED wall across the front of the store, it was highly effective in attracting the attention of passing shoppers. The curved LED wall was so large that it was visible from the store front and was so attention-grabbing and unusual that it attracted customers into the showroom curious to see what it was. The other digital signage within the showroom encouraged customers to take an interest in the other car models within the showroom.

Digital signage at SEAT car showroom

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