Exciting new opportunities for information sharing have been opened up by the arrival of hi-tech screens at CrossCountry. Utilising a solution design and supplied by Saturn, wall-mounted display panels in messrooms are showing real time train running information, feedback from Forums, fleet updates and promotional material. As well as Health and Wellbeing updates, details from the Arriva Village and the latest Great Ideas and Great Causes, the screens incorporate a rolling BBC news tickertape.

In meeting rooms at Centres, additional screens are attached to ‘invisible’ PCs through which employees can directly access a web-based collaborative platform centred around Office 365. This means they can store their files in the cloud and access them from anywhere with easy access to downloading them to give presentations. The meeting room screens are also enabled for video conferencing and Skype. Traincrew as well as office employees are using them to share and work together while Driver Training makes use of the technology at some Centres.

“The Saturn technology has been streamlined with automatic log-in and no unnecessary user input”, said Neil Pumphrey, head of Project Delivery and Change at Arriva IT Shared Service in Cannon House which delivered the project. “People can go into a meeting without a laptop, access Office 365, and using a wireless keyboard invite colleagues to join them on Skype using the speaker in the middle of the room”.

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