Lancashire Teaching Hospitals partnered with Saturn to deliver a full digital signage solution that will redefine the patient experience in their hospitals and keep staff informed and engaged within their working environment.

Redefining the Patient Experience

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals care for over 1.5m patients each year and is home to over 7,000 staff. Located across two sites; Royal Preston Hospital and Chorley & South Ribble Hospital. “With such an extensive network it is invaluable that crucial healthcare initiatives and messages are delivered throughout the Trust and represent our work in the right way” said Digital Communication Officer, Christopher Leap. “Making sure patients, visitors and staff are safe and educated when in our hospitals is always first priority”.

Saturn quickly consulted with key stakeholders within the Trust to understand the requirements and formulate a project plan. Each area of the hospital required specific hardware to provide the maximum impact to its audience. “We were impressed by Saturn’s recommendations” said Christopher. “They did more than just identify where the most impactful locations for signage could be, they also identified where would be least effective and helped us understand why. They took time to understand how the Trust works and what our needs are and all of their suggestions were calculated for our benefit”.

Large 49”, 55”, 65” and 86” digital screens were strategically installed in key dwell areas within the hospitals, including locations such as research, X-Ray, kitchen, radiotherapy and staff areas. Bespoke screen enclosures were also used for locations that required additional screen protection or a branded colour. Powered by Saturn’s Connect software these signage solutions are being utilised as Patient Information Screens; displaying health and infection control initiatives as well as the latest Trust news, room booking System and digital menu boards.

Operating in tandem, digital signage and Connect allow rich media content to be scheduled and targeted, combining innovation in design and technology to educate patients and empower staff.

“Saturn have helped guide us through this entire process and their efficiency in managing the project as well as delivering it has been first class. The newly installed digital signage looks fantastic and we are already beginning to reap the rewards of our investment. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Saturn and growing our digital capabilities in the future”

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