As part of a wider company strategy, SEAT had an objective to make car showrooms more accessible and move them into mainstream retail, they wished to achieve this by creating a high-tech, Barcelona inspired dealership in a shopping centre environment to showcase their vision of car showrooms of the future. 

SEAT opened their flagship store in Westfield shopping centre in London following the success of the car manufacturer’s first store concept at a shopping centre at Lakeside in Essex. Having worked with the Volkswagen Group for over a decade, digital signage and communication solutions specialist, Saturn Communications Group was SEAT’s first port of call to create a state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced showroom experience, complete with a large high-impact LED wall at the shop front to entice some of Westfield’s visitors inside, four large video walls and a number of accessible interactive touch-screen information points.

In 2019, phase 2 of the project was initiated; to enhance the hero space at the rear of the store which is used to promote the latest vehicle. During phase 1 of the project Saturn had installed an array of projectors to create a hero piece at the rear of the store for promotional purposes but due to high ambient light levels, the desired effect was not achieved. The new brief outlined a need to install a bespoke curved LED wall which – as well as presenting essential information about the showcased car – would provide shoppers with an immersive experience of the vehicle in a range of environments to give them the opportunity to see what owning and driving the car would be like.

In addition to the large videowall at the rear of the store, another large bespoke LED wall takes pride of place above the store front. The showroom is also enhanced by four video walls dotted throughout the store displaying content run by media players. A total of seven 22” touchscreens housed within bespoke made units feature touch podiums and a further four 20” touchscreens are located in lecterns next to cars. A single 55” screen was then chosen as a digital poster displaying. As showrooms continue to move away from the traditional hard sell to a more relaxed, informative customer experience, the emphasis was on using technology to provide the customer with the details they need to make a more informed decision.


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