The Volkswagen Group is a leading importer of vehicles covering Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Seat, Skoda and Audi. The Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand alone has approximately 400 people at its Blakelands headquarters in Milton Keynes.

A Better Way of Connecting

Communicating with employees was a mix of e-mails, newsletters and presentations. One of the first actions of newly appointed Volkswagen National Communications Manager, Sally Mawson, was to undertake an audit of employee communications. Using focus groups drawn from administration, the sales force, managers and department heads, the audit revealed significant gaps in people’s knowledge of the company and what the different parts of the business do. The outcome of the audit was a three point plan to better share news and knowledge within the Volkswagen organisation. Fundamental to the plan was a screen-based communication display channel named ‘News Forum’.

Sally commented, “In establishing ‘News Forum’ we needed a way of sharing information that was unobtrusive but nonetheless sufficiently impactful to inform and engage people and be easy and quick to update. The other task was to motivate people to share information about their part of the business. Clearly the way in which we shared information would have a significant bearing on how employees felt about getting involved. For this reason we chose Connect to deliver ‘News Forum’ to a network of LCD screens positioned in coffee hub areas in Volkswagen’s open plan offices,” she explained.

Connect allows ‘News Forum’ to draw on a wide variety of image formats and multimedia file types such as digital video, PowerPoint Files, and HTML Web Pages. The content is business focused and subdivided into distinct areas, Volkswagen Group news, product news, people news and industry news. The flexibility of Connect has been helpful in encouraging employees to contribute to ‘News Forum’.

“As a management team we are committed to improving the Volkswagen brand internal communications, as a dynamic medium ‘News Forum’ has a vital role in enhancing our internal communication on a daily basis”
Volkswagen (UK) Managing Director, Paul Willis

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