How does digital signage improve corporate communications?


Businesses around the world are increasingly recognising the multiple benefits digital signage can offer them.
These range from efficient communication, improving staff motivation, reinforcing company culture, and  improving performance. 


Efficient communication

Increases capacity for communication

Due to the sheer volume of information that flows that a business, staff can feel overloaded if lots of internal communications messages are added to their already over-flowing email inboxes. Digital signage can quickly deliver lots of information in a very convenient way. Staff view it when they want to and for as long as they like – usually when taking a break from one activity before starting another.

Highlights key messages

Most large businesses have a system of internal communication (e.g. an intranet), but these are often clunky and information-heavy, making them uninviting for staff to use regularly. Digital signage is very eye-catching and is therefore hard to ignore. It can highlight important messages in a succinct and interesting way, which encourages staff to take an interest in the subject and refer to other internal information sources to find out more.

Make messages more memorable

Psychologists have proved that humans are ten times more likely to remember a narrative/story than a single stand-alone piece of information. Digital signage makes it easy to convey information as a narrative. Internal communications professionals simply need to create a video (related to their communication goals) that takes the audience through a narrative process, and they will be more significantly more likely to remember it.

Message reinforcement

The more times a person sees a message, the more memorable it will be. Digital signage is visible all day long and can be used to show the same messages on a frequent basis which reinforces them, making them more memorable.

Variable message visibility

Message visibility can be dialled up or down, depending on how important and/or time-sensitive it is, through content scheduling. Subsequently, the likelihood of staff not just seeing the relevant message, but remembering and acting upon it too, can be controlled by the business.


Motivates staff

Engage people

Working towards a target when you can’t see the impact your efforts are having is demotivating. This can lead to staff becoming dissatisfied and looking for a job elsewhere, resulting in higher recruitment costs. Digital signage can be used to keep staff in the loop and feel more involved in the success of the business.

Instant updates

Content management systems like ConnectVision can be integrated with third party IT systems, so that the information on screens can be updated instantly through automation. This gives staff up-to-the minute performance information about how close they are to achieving their team’s target and what needs to be done to succeed, as it happens. This empowers staff to engage with the target and see how much they personally can ‘move the needle’.

Consistency across locations/situations

Staff that work outside of a business’s head office can often feel undervalued/resentful if they hear about key information later than HQ staff. Digital signage enables businesses to give all staff the same information at the same time, in exactly the same format, making important announcements simpler to schedule and deliver.

Similarly, workers’ laptops can be added into a digital signage estate, enabling remote workers see the same internal messages as office-based staff, via the screensaver function.


Reinforce company culture

Reinforces company values

A business’s mission and values are essential for ensuring that all their staff work towards the same goals. They should drive how decisions are made and shape behaviours, but they can be difficult to reinforce. Digital signage can be used to display values and to recognise staff displaying positive behaviour. Screens can be used to display values and share stories about individuals applying the values in their role and the positive, subsequent results for both the individual and the business.

When values are visible and easy to understand, they are more likely to influence behaviour of staff across the organisation. If staff demonstrate behaviour and decisions which don’t align with the messages/values being reinforced, they will be easier for colleagues to identify and correct/discourage.

Flexible communication

Most internal communications channels tend to be fairly inflexible (e.g. intranet, emails, posters, newsletters), making it hard to deliver exciting and impactful content and get buy-in from staff. Digital signage can be used to play live action or animated videos, display still images, graphs, charts, newsfeeds, social media. This flexibility gives organisations the ability to be more innovative with the type of internal communications campaigns they can deliver, and ‘wow’ their staff. Innovative message delivery also communicates to staff that they are working for a progressive, employee-focussed organisation, which can be reinforce company values related to innovation and progressiveness.

Increases trust & engagement

According to recent research, 30% of internal communications professionals said that employee trust of senior management was an issue. It’s not unreasonable for a business’s employees to question what happens around the board table, especially if the company is experiencing difficult times. The more staff know about the ‘goings on’ in a company and feel that they know the relevant individuals involved, the more likely they are to understand the complexity that the business’s leaders face, and support their decisions and trust them. Digital signage makes it easy for companies to be open, keep staff abreast of ongoing developments, making them feel informed and engaged.

Engages visitors

Within a digital signage estate, different screens can show different content at different times. Subsequently, organisations can create their own channel/content for their reception areas, so visitors to their business can see tailored information (e.g. CSR initiatives, share prices, latest research highlights, case studies, careers information) whilst waiting for meetings, job interviews etc.


Applications for digital signage in corporate communications

Screens can be used in a number of ways for internal communications purposes. These include:

  • CEO updates
  • Business announcements
  • New product/service launch/promotional campaign announcements
  • Introducing new processes/practices
  • Reinforcing best practice/compliance
  • Performance management (displaying status against KPIs/targets, showing information dashboards)
  • Reinforcing company mission/vision/values
  • Cross-department communication
  • Staff recognition
  • Promoting internal incentives/initiatives
  • Internal recruitment
  • Staff motivation (gamification/competitions)
  • Promoting/reinforcing CSR initiatives
  • Wellness guidance
  • Controlling the rumour mill
  • Announcing/promoting staff training opportunities
  • Reduce perceived wait times in reception


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Due to a number of recently cancelled projects (Corona Virus challenges…!) we had a number of our UVU Displays enclosures that were not being used. We decided to make these into digital signage solution totems and offered them to our partners in the NHS.

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As part of a wider company strategy, SEAT had an objective to make car showrooms more accessible and move them into mainstream retail, they wished to achieve this by creating a high-tech, Barcelona inspired dealership in a shopping centre environment to showcase their vision of car showrooms of the future.