Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Automotive Digital Signage

Highlight promotions, show vehicle info, collect feedback, enable self-service car configuration, provide forecourt assistance…

Upgrade the car-buying experience

Buying a car is an important, expensive and potentially risk-laden purchase. Customers need to be confident that they’ve found the right car and the right deal, or they will keep on looking.

Digital signage can be used to support automotive businesses’ sales staff and give information to buyers at the right time in a way that doesn’t feel pressurised, is easy to understand, and that will give them the confidence they need to be sure they’ve found the right car/dealership/package for them.

We can offer a range of digital signage solutions for the automotive industry. These include:

We’ll advise you on the right solution and supply the relevant hardware at competitive prices. We can also provide software and a range of support services.

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LED video wall in the window of a SEAT car showroom in the UK

Applications for digital signage in the automotive industry

Car configurator

Highlight promotions/deals

Collect customer data/feedback

Show key vehicle information – e.g. fuel efficiency

Showcase the pros/cons of different types of vehicles

Forecourt assistant

Distract/entertain customers in waiting areas

Internal communication (e.g. sales target leaderboards, training)

Show servicing/MOT video evidence (e.g. brake pads, tyre depth)

Promote servicing packages & add-ons

Suzuki logo

“Saturn took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and worked with us to define a set of specifications and an ideal layout that could be applied at different showrooms. They also helped us to create a programme of content that would support multiple marketing aims and improve our customers’ overall buying and after-sales experience. Saturn gave us a comprehensive service that was great value for money and made everything remarkably easy for us.”

Michael Le-Flay, After-Sales Marketing Manager, Suzuki

Key Benefits

  • Highlight brand USPs to customers
  • Promote and increase take-up of finance packages, upgrades & servicing without the feel of a ‘hard sell’
  • Make the showroom stand out from its neighbouring rivals
  • Give pertinent information to customers who prefer to shop without sales staff present
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