Customer Information of the Future

Saturn’s latest concept for the rail industry; Saturn Orbiter aims to transform station-based customer information.

With the rail industry looking to manage passenger flow in a more efficient manner, with the desired result a calmer, less stressful experience for both passengers and staff, Saturn Communications Group have created an innovative solution taking inspiration from the way airports manage the flow of their passengers.

Using existing live rail data to track the location of the trains in relation to the station, animated, high-definition colour displays inform passengers whether to stay in the waiting area or move to the platform, encouraging a better, safer and easier to manage pedestrian flow at each platform.

Information for each service can also expand to show the route map, information on delays and carriage information, such as occupancy, quiet zone, shop etc. Full screen takeovers are also possible for various scenarios including welcome messaging, marketing campaigns, major disruption and evacuation alerts.

Various hardware options are available, including a single screen LED customisable to any size, suitable for any environment. Alternatively, an array of single screens can be used, acting seamlessly together to create the same effect.

Creating multi-purpose, multi-lingual information hubs that suit locations architecturally & aesthetically, and are designed to adapt towards customer behaviours

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