The retail industry has fully immersed itself within the realm of digital marketing over the past decade, and as such, consumers have come to expect a streamlined and seamless service during their purchase. It has become even more important during this time to ensure that the right product & pricing information is being presented when and where it needs to be, as these factors can often define a customer’s satisfaction and ultimately impact the likelihood of repeat sales in an extremely crowded and competitive market.

Saturn’s web based pricing systems offer:

  • Remote access and simple customisation of price lists from any location in minutes
  • Scheduling capabilities for automatic adjustments according to different times of the day, week, month or year
  • Bespoke integration into EPOS systems for automatic price and stock updates – no manual over-typing
  • SMART pricing, the ability to self-update by analysing internal or third-party data to predict and anticipate changes in consumer behaviour
Saturn Communications