No matter if you’re dealing with a busy commute or navigating a new city, lack of clear signage promises to add stress and frustration to a journey.

At Saturn, we design complete digital passenger information systems that provide up-to-date information. With the ability to update content in a matter of seconds, digital wayfinding lets you pass on the right information to passengers exactly when and where they need it.

Unique system designs

With 20 years of experience, our expertise doesn’t stop at physical hardware. We cover the entire process, from the initial assessment of your needs, to the creation and installation of your system. We can also assist you with creative content ideas, data analytics and building back-end functionalities. What’s more, we’re able to construct passenger information systems that aren’t already available, designing you a system that’s perfectly suited to your customer’s needs.

Our clients also benefit from our Saturn S.M.A.R.T Process, which is fundamental to the way we carry out and manage our projects. Delivering an end-to-end service, this method of working ensures all our projects achieve the desired outcome, from the initial specification stage right through to the eventual tracking and remote monitoring of your new infrastructure.

Once your passenger information system is complete, we can continue to manage your new service remotely, ensuring everything runs smoothly and keeps on schedule.

We cover the entire process, from the initial assessment of your needs to the creation and installation of your system.

Our clients

As an established supplier in the industry, we’ve built good working relationships with leading manufacturers, ensuring we can offer our clients the best service. With our wide range of services on offer, we’ve also built up a diverse client list, including the likes of the NHS, National Rail and Odeon. Take a look at our case studies below to find out more about the solutions we’ve created for our clients.