All levels of healthcare matter, but with an ageing population in the UK and stricter budgetary control, comes more pressure than ever before. As a consequence the strain on resource can lead to some patients feeling unsupported and uninformed during visits to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries or any other healthcare practice. That’s where we come in.

Our healthcare solutions have been specifically designed with both patients and staff in mind:

  • Internal and external wayfinding
  • Staff training
  • Patient booking-in systems
  • Patient call through systems – includes waiting times for outpatients
  • Staff management systems – allow patients to see how many nurses are on a ward, as well as a visual representation of the different types of nurses by uniform colour i.e. staff nurse, sister, specialist, matron etc.
  • Campaign awareness
  • Live transport and local news information
Information systems specifically designed with both patients and staff in mind.
Saturn Communications