Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Why Us

At Saturn, we believe that everything we do, should revolve around you, our clients.

Since our company was established in 1998, we’ve grown by focussing on quality, by anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs, and by  evolving what we do as digital signage experts.

As a result, we now offer a fully comprehensive suite of specialist services so our clients can simply tell us their commercial and communication objectives and let us get on with delivering them.

Multiple types of digital signage at a SEAT car showroom in the UK
AO store assistant using the SaturnSelect digital signage application to showcase TVs and sound bars

We are an award-winning, independently-owned, UK-based business which operates right across the country. We have an in-house team of technical, engineering, and content experts, and a large network of trusted, specialist engineers who help us deliver services around the UK, quickly and efficiently.

We’re used to working with big brands and understand the challenges that face large and/or multi-site businesses. Our client list includes brands like: ODEON, Volkswagen, Northern Rail,, SEAT, and various NHS trusts.

We’re big believers in maximising long-term value, so whilst we may not always seem like the cheapest outfit in town, that’s because we know which false economies to avoid. As a result we’re proud to say we’re one of the best in the business for delivering the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

If we can’t find products that meet our very high standards, or that give our clients the flexibility they need, we’ll design our own, which is why we have developed our own media player, software and enclosures (via our sister company UVU).

How we work

Finding the right company to help you build and maintain a digital signage estate isn’t easy.

So we like to tell you about how we work so that you can get an understanding of how we think and operate.

Person using a laptop

We believe that the secret to having happy clients is for us to focus on three things

1. Understand and get to know you – your goals, your challenges and the sites you’re working with – so we can give you the right, tailored advice

2. Deliver all the services you need with the minimum of fuss

3. Support you and help you get maximum value for money from your digital signage estate

We do those things by:

  • Doing our homework – Carrying out an initial workshop, a site survey, and feasibility analysis on your goals to see how achievable they are
  • Anticipating and avoiding potential issues – Doing hardware compatibility and product discontinuation checks, and road-testing products in our test lab before using them on site
  • Providing a full suite of complementary services – Consultancy, installation, hardware supply, software licensing, content creation and management, system and user support
  • Being flexible – Offering bespoke services and support packages
  • Being creative – Using our in-house team of experts to problem-solve.
  • Keeping your return-on-investment front of mind – Making budget/objective balanced recommendations, offering estate monitoring and management
Creative team in meeting


Digital signage can deliver an impressive return on investment, but we appreciate that the initial purchase and installation costs can be significant.

We can offer financial plans to help you spread this cost. Speak to a member of our sales team to find out more.


Saturn Visual Solutions partner logos

We’re always looking for partners that we can forge strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with, either as a supplier, buyer or working together to deliver complementary services.

Our partnerships include:

  • Samsung (platinum level partner – Samsung Partner Program)
  • Microsoft (certified Microsoft Silver level).
  • Vestel
  • Philips
  • Sharp NEC
  • LG
  • InstoreScreen
  • Midwich
  • PSCo
  • Absen
  • Advantech
  • Distec

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibilities for ‘doing things properly’ very seriously.

Environmental policy

Our policy complies with Government legislation and local government regulations. It ensures that we only work with registered carriers and recycle wherever possible.

We operate in line with the SMG sustainability policy and Vision 2025.

Health & safety

Any electrical hardware we remove will be disposed of in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive.

Any framework and cabling elements will be disposed of through an approved recycling centre

We will use a MEWP (Mobile Elevation Work Platform) to ensure the safe installation and removal of equipment

All Saturn engineers hold current IPAF and PASMA qualifications demonstrating safe work at height.


We always aim to have a positive impact on the places we operate in and support the local communities whereever possible.

We support the independent, Manchester-based charity, Better Things, which works with people with learning disabilities, promoting inclusion, health and wellbeing.

We also work with Tech Manchester, an organisation that supports tech start-ups and helps the unemployed and people in low paid jobs to learn coding skills to improve their employment prospects. We support the organisation by providing mentors.


At Saturn, everything we do revolves around our clients and delivering the best possible return on investment for them that we can.

As a result, we’ve built up an impressive client list of household name brands all looking to use digital signage to communicate more effectively.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is simply to hire creative thinkers, problem-solvers, perfectionists, and techies who love to experiment, and to have a flat structure so that every idea and suggestion is valued.

If you’re interested in joining Saturn Visual Solutions, please send an email to and mark the subject ‘careers enquiry’ and send us your CV so we can see why you’d be a great addition to our amazing team.

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