Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Northern Rail ‘Rail Life’ Passenger Engagement Project

The brief

Saturn was one of Northern Rail’s partners in a government-funded customer-wellbeing project.

The ‘Rail Life’ project’s aim was to engage passengers in order to make rail travel more reliable, safe and efficient, to improve the overall Northern experience and customer and staff’s wellbeing. It utilised wearable technology to monitor passengers’ heart rates and wellbeing.

The solution

We were challenged with promoting the project to passengers in an impactful and memorable way to generate interest and engagement.

Our in-house software development and creative services teams worked closely with Northern Rail to create the visuals for the campaign and deliver their vision for an integrated, digital experience.

We installed interactive screens in strategical locations in several stations across routes serving Manchester to display the multi-media marketing campaigns that Saturn designed for passengers.

The screens were also touch enabled, to provide an extra way to capture critical data relating to customer sentiment and mood about their journey that day. This would provide insight in real-time to Northern Rail’s front-line teams.

We also supplied mobile freestanding displays to give staff flexibility on where and when to use the temporary displays.

Northern Rail Life Project Concept Sketch Plan
Northern Trains logo

“The Rail Life study shows Saturn’s talent for creating bespoke, integrated digital experiences. Northern perceive this study as a huge step-change in not only how we ascertain passenger wellbeing and opinion in real-time but also in how we approach customer communications at stations.”

Tim Goodwin, Innovation Manager, Northern Rail

The result

Northern Rail’s front line teams were able to use the data to influence business decisions to improve customer and staff wellbeing.

“The new freestanding screens glide around the concourse and we can remove them from the station when we need to. It’s a great way of working. Why didn’t we have these years ago?”

Team Leader, Manchester Victoria Station

Northern Rail freestanding Totem in Victoria station.

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