Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Kiosks

Reduce your operating costs and queues, and put the customer in control

Reduce your operating costs using a digital kiosk

Want to take the pressure off your staff, and create an experience that your customers will love using a digital signage kiosk?

That’s good, because we can supply and install standard and custom interactive digital kiosks (wall or floor-mounted) for indoor and outdoor use. Our slick, robust kiosk designs feature a clever cooling system to keep your electrical hardware free from moisture, and our three-point locking system, which has a 100% track record of keeping vandals out.

Not only can we supply & install all the relevant digital kiosk hardware for you, we also have a content and software development team who can create touchscreen user interfaces for you, so you can leave everything up to us.

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What is a digital kiosk?

There is some confusion (even within the digital signage industry!), as to what a kiosk is, because different people use the same work to mean slightly different things.

A digital kiosk is usually understood to be the combination of an interactive screen, media player computer, and an enclosure (wall-mounted or freestanding). They are used for dispensing information, and/or undertaking self-service transactions, usually financial (e.g. buying a ticket) which can be made with cash, card or contactless payments.

However, some people refer to freestanding, totem digital signage as a kiosk.

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Man using freestanding, interactive digital signage kiosk screen at a Cinema

Digital kiosk hardware we can supply & install

Interactive LCD/LED screens

(Samsung, NEC, LG, Phillips, Vestel, Hisense, iiyama)

High bright screens

(for outdoor/window kiosks)

Indoor wall-mounted or freestanding totem kiosk enclosures

(IP43 rating) (standard and for making payments)

Outdoor wall-mounted or freestanding totem kiosk enclosures

(IP65 rating) (Standard or super robust totems available)

Media player computers

Speaker systems

Modern, robust kiosk enclosures with a low carbon footprint

Most standard digital signage kiosk enclosures/cases in the UK are manufactured in Eastern Asia. They’re transported around 13,000 miles by ship – one of the least sustainable methods of transport –and can take as long as 12 weeks to arrive in the UK.

At Saturn, we think there’s a better way. That why we have a library of tried-and-tested kiosk designs that you can pick from and we’ll make your kiosks to order in the UK. This means your order can be turned around much faster and will reduce the carbon footprint of your digital signage project.

The quality of our digital kiosk enclosures

The enclosures we sell tend to exceed the specifications of standard industry designs with regards to longevity and hardware protection. They use clever design techniques to create optimum operating conditions for electrical hardware, keeping any moisture out and controlling air flow inside the enclosure to prevent condensation and/or the hardware overheating. They also have a three-point locking system which has a 100% track record of keeping vandals out.

We’re so confident in the quality of our kiosk enclosures that we offer one of the longest warranties on the market.

Our four-step kiosk purchase process

Site Assessment
We’ll assess your site (either via a site visit or photos/videos you send us) to identify the ideal enclosure size/format. We’ll then pick out appropriate kiosk products from our library for you to choose from, and identify appropriate displays/media players etc.
Once you’ve picked a design/s we’ll discuss any customisation you may want – e.g. pantone colours for the exterior, cut-outs in the shape of your logo – and then agree the cost and turnaround time for the enclosures, other hardware and installation.
Once agreed, we’ll get on with producing your enclosures in the specified design and volume. We'll also order your electrical hardware, and begin any content/software development work you need.
When your kiosk enclosures are ready, they'll be assessed by our team for quality control. Once signed off and your electrical hardware has arrived, we’ll contact you to arrange a date/time to install them.

Why choose Saturn for your digital kiosk?

  • In-house software developers – Our in-house content creation team can design touchscreen user interfaces and do the relevant software development for your kiosks.
  • Prices – We can supply and install quality kiosk hardware at competitive prices.
  • Convenience – We can supply and install your digital kiosk hardware, provide content management software and ongoing technical support, so you only need to deal with one supplier for everything.

Interactive digital kiosk uses

Self-service transactions (when combined with kiosk functionality)

Smart personalised information display

Promotional display space

Soliciting customer feedback

Food menu navigation

Benefits of using digital kiosk technology

  • Reduce staffing requirement
  • Ability to deliver on-demand service 24/7
  • Create priority service/express payment lanes
  • Ability to provide multiple language options
  • Flexibility to change info/prices quickly
  • Makes upselling/cross-selling easy
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