Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Retail Digital Signage

Highlight product promotions, show product/price info & engage customers

Do more with the retail space you have

Retail is changing at a dizzying pace. Consumers have more options than ever before so, you need to give them a great shopping experience that keeps them wanting to come back.

We’re a digital signage agency that has all the retail digital signage hardware, services and advice you could need, at great prices.

We know that every brand and store is different, and has its own opportunities and challenges. It’s our job to learn about your business, then use digital signage and other related technologies to help you to do more with the space you have. Our team of experts can give you buying advice, based on your needs and budget, and ideas that will help you succeed.

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Our retail digital signage solutions

We offer a wide range of digital retail signage solutions including:

  • Screens for drawing attention to your most profitable products, promotions, product information points and to provide customer information (e.g. opening times)
  • Window displays to attract attention from passers-by and highlight new product lines and/or promotions  and help your business stand out on the high street. They can also be used to convey your brand personality and/or purpose.
  • Shelf-edge displays which can be integrated with EPOS to streamline the process of product price labelling  and updated. They can also create more promotional space
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Our retail digital signage solutions

  • Video walls and LED walls (flat or curved) to create an attention-grabbing in-store feature that can be used to make your newest products and promotions unmissable.
  • Touchscreen displays to provide product information or allow customers to order products online if not in stock. They can also be used to display advertising messages when not in use
  • Menu boards can be used to do more than just display food/drink product prices. They can be used to show attention-grabbing visuals, highlight promotions, and convey nutritional and/or food quality information.
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Our retail digital signage solutions

  • Mobile LED A-boards offer a flexible way to attract attention to specific areas of a store’s interior or they can be used outdoors in all weathers to attract attention from passing footfall.
  • Kiosks to enable customers to get information or make self-service payments
  • Interactive wayfinding systems for large sites to help customers find what they want and improve people flow in-store
  • Motion-sensors to trigger content to appear on displays, which can be used to automate your customer journey and/or make your ins-store shopping experience more interactive and interesting
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Some of our retail industry clients

  • Volkswagen logo
  • Ben & Jerrys logo
  • AO logo
  • Britvic logo
  • Skoda logo

Why use Saturn for your retail digital signage?

Experience – We’ve spent more than a decade helping retailers use technology to solve problems, so we’re great at knowing what to use, where and why. Because we’re responsible for maintenance for thousands of screens around the UK, we know which hardware is the most reliable, and what conditions are likely to affect certain models. As a result, our buying advice is second to none.

Convenience –  We can provide a full range of digital signage services to help you, including hardware supply, installation, supplying content management softwaregraphic design, animation and technical support, so you’ll only need to deal with one supplier for everything.

Retail Digital Signage | Samsung digital signage screen in the window of a clothing retail store

Prices – We’ll advise you on which solutions would be best for your sites and available budget. We’ll then liaise with our suppliers to get you the best possible deal on your hardware – for large orders we can secure bid pricing direct from the manufacturer. We also like to reward our best customers, so the more hardware and services you buy from us, the better deal we can give you.

Speed – We hold stock of the most popular screens and media players so that our clients don’t have to wait long for replacements. If you need standard hardware within a tight deadline, we’ll probably be able to supply what you need within a matter of days.

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Applications for digital signage in the retail industry

Increasing brand profile & consistency

Improve shopping environment aesthetics

Product inspiration/demo videos/QR codes

Displaying price lists/opening & closing times

Promoting social media accounts/campaigns

Collecting retail intelligence/customer feedback

Key benefits of using digital signage for retail

  • More vibrant promotional space
  • More variety/volume of promotional opportunities
  • More interactive in-store experience for customers
  • Flexibility to change promotional campaigns at any time across all sites


  • Automate updates – link third party software systems & automate price changes
  • Reduce time spent by staff on unnecessary activities – e.g. changing promotional materials, giving customers directions, changing price labels
  • Create more opportunities to cross sell and boost sales
  • Generate advertising revenue from suppliers/third parties


If you’re interested in using digital signage for your retail outlets, why not check out our article about how and why different retailers are using it?


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“Saturn’s consultancy team was able to get under the skin of our business, understand our customers’ perspective, and work out what we wanted for our stores before we even knew it ourselves."

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery

Why use SaturnVision software for your retail digital signage

Our cloud-based, enterprise-grade digital signage software, SaturnVision will enable you to:

  • Promote different products at different times (schedule messages by day/time/frequency)
  • Synchronise content across screens
  • Split the display to show different info (e.g. opening/closing times & promotional content)
  • Integrate third party systems (e.g. EPOS) with your display

It also offers a system crash auto-restart function to aid continuity, and sleep mode to maximise screen life.

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