Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Retail Digital Signage

Display your prices & product info, show demo videos, opening/closing times, social media…

Reimagine your customer experience

Retail is changing at a dizzying pace. Consumers have more options than ever before so, it’s essential to give them a great shopping experience that keeps them wanting to come back.

Digital signage can give you the ability to transform your retail environment, giving it a more modern look and feel.

It can also help you to implement marketing campaigns faster, improve operational efficiency and to have more brand control across different sites.

Retail Digital Signage | NEC digital signage showing promotions in a clothing retail store

Why work with Saturn

We’re a digital signage consultancy that specialises in retail. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or reinvent your retail space, we can help.

We know that every brand and store is different, and has its own opportunities and challenges. It’s our job to learn about your business, then use digital signage and other related technologies to help you to do more with the space you have, either by using standard solutions or developing ideas that are bespoke to you.

We’ll advise you on which solutions would be best for your sites and available budget, and how best to get optimum value for money from your digital signage estate. We can also provide a range of other services to help you, including hardware installation, supplying content management software, graphic design, animation and technical support.

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Retail Digital Signage | Samsung digital signage screen in the window of a clothing retail store

Standard digital signage solutions for retail

We offer a wide range of digital retail signage solutions including:

  • Window displays and outdoor signage to attract attention from passers-by
  • Shelf-edge displays which can be integrated with EPOS to streamline product labelling and create more promotional space
  • Video walls and LED walls to create an attention-grabbing in-store feature that can be used to drive attention to promotions
  • Menu boards to display product prices, visuals and promotions
  • Interactive wayfinding systems for large sites to help customers find what they want and improve people flow in-store
  • Screens for advertising, promotions, product information points and customer or staff information
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Retail Digital Signage | Samsung digital signage screens in a supermarket

Bespoke digital signage solutions for retail

As online shopping continues to evolve and deliver a slicker experience for customers, so must your instore shopping experience.

We can help you bring the best elements of the online world into your stores, and create an exciting hybrid shopping environment that will get customers raving, and keep them making return visits.

We’ll do that by applying our extensive experience, technical knowledge, and imaginations to your stores, and rethinking what your retail environment could look and feel like. We’ll also work out how to help you get the best possible value from the budget you have.

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Retail Digital Signage | Motion activated digital signage in an AO electrical goods retail store in Manchester

Applications for digital signage in the retail industry

Promotional space

Displaying price lists

Increasing brand profile & consistency

Improve shopping environment aesthetics

Product inspiration


Store opening/closing times

Product demo videos

Promoting social media accounts/campaigns

Pre-store opening staff announcements/training

Health & safety info

Retail intelligence

Distribute product info via QR codes

Collecting customer feedback

Behavioural marketing

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“Saturn’s consultancy team was able to get under the skin of our business, understand our customers’ perspective, and work out what we wanted for our stores before we even knew it ourselves."

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery

Key benefits of using digital signage for retail

  • More vibrant promotional space
  • More variety/volume of promotional opportunities
  • Ability to create a more interactive customer experience
  • Ability to change promotional campaigns at any time across all sites


  • Generate advertising revenue from third parties
  • Automated updates – Link third party software systems & automate price changes
  • Reducing time spent by staff on unnecessary activities – e.g. changing promotional materials, giving customers directions, changing price labels


If you’re interested in using digital signage for your retail outlets, why not check out our article about how and why different retailers are using it?


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