Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Hardware

Get great advice & competitively-priced screens, enclosures, mounts & more

The one-stop-shop for great value digital signage hardware

We know you’ve got better things to do than hunting around for sensibly-priced, quality digital signage hardware. That’s why we offer a ‘one-stop-shop’  will all the hardware and services you could possibly need, at great prices including:

  • Displays/LED walls
  • Enclosures/mounts (off-the-shelf & bespoke)
  • Media players/controllers
  • UC systems


Giada media player for digital signage 800x500
Rear view of LED tile

Digital signage displays

We can specify, supply and install a wide range of commercial-grade digital signage displays at competitive prices. These include:

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Custom Enclosures/Mounts

We know that ‘off-the-peg’ screen enclosures and display mounts aren’t right for every situation, so we offer a design & build service.

Our experienced design team can produce exactly what you need, from self-service payment kiosks to robust outdoor totems to curved LED wall frameworks

We can often turn a design/build project round in half the time it takes a standard enclosure to be shipped and delivered to a business. NB: All our custom enclosures come with a warranty.

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Media players and controllers

With over 25+ years in the digital signage business, we know how important it is to use quality media players.

We tend to use digital signage players from Advantech, Lenovo and Giada. That’s because we know from experience that they’re cost-effective,  robust and largely trouble-free (though we can supply media players from other manufacturers if required).

We’re able to supply media players with a three year warranty as standard. Prior to installation, we will always test them to ensure they’re always in good working order . We’ll also install an operating system, whatever digital signage software you need, and TeamViewer (for remote access/management).



Some of our hardware clients

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  • SEIKO logo
  • Volkswagen logo
  • Crosscountry logo
  • AO logo
  • Cupra logo

Our extensive market knowledge

We’ve spent years building up relationships with lots of different manufacturers (e.g. Samsung, Sharp NEC, LG, PPDS (Philips), Vestel) and resellers. As a result, we’re the first to hear about new products on the market and how they’re best applied. We get their best advice and prices – something we can pass on to you, our customer.

Because we offer technical support and maintenance services, we know which products are the most reliable, so our buying advice is second-to-none. We also know which suppliers are good at delivering hardware on time and replacing faulty products within warranty quickly.

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Our invaluable recommendations

We take product quality very seriously. This is driven by the close relationship between our maintenance, commissioning, and installation teams. They all work under the same roof and constantly confer on the effectiveness and lifespans of hundreds of different products, so we only recommend the best.

We don’t get any incentives to pick one supplier or manufacturer’s product over another, so you can trust that any product advice we give is 100% unbiased and is based on what we think is best for your business.

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How we supply hardware

We can satisfy your hardware requirements in one of three ways:

Screen/enclosure only – We know some businesses just want to take advantage of our low screen prices or custom enclosure service. If so, we can have these products shipped straight to you. (NB: This service is not available for LED wall displays)

Solutions – Some businesses just want to buy a solution with all of the relevant hardware included and have us install it for them (rather than buying items piecemeal) and sort out content, maintenance, software licenses  etc. in-house, which we’re happy to do (NB: you can see the range of solutions we offer here).

Turnkey product & service packages – Most businesses come to Saturn for the great hardware prices, and stay for the quality services like consultancy, installation, software, content and support. We can offer full turnkey projects, and the more products/services you buy from us, the better package rate we can give you.

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Why we don’t show our hardware prices on our website

Supply and demand, and bulk buying can dramatically alter the prices of hardware.

We set our hardware prices based on what we’re paying, rather than charging you a premium flat rate. This means  that whilst our prices are always competitive, they can vary so we can’t display our prices online.

However, you’ll  still probably get better prices from us than from most other suppliers.

To see how competitive our hardware prices are, why not get in touch to get a quote?

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Need to place a large order?

We regularly place bulk orders for screens, media players and LED wall panels. As a result, manufacturers are happy to deal with us direct and offer us bid pricing on large orders.

So, if you’re placing a large order, we’ll be able to supply your screens cheaper than anyone else.

We can also negotiate warranties on your behalf to get you a best deal possible.

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Need a hardware order quickly?

Depending on the type of digital signage hardware you’re ordering and where it’s being shipped from, it can take weeks or months for it to be delivered.

Because we have our own warehouse, we’re able to hold stock of the most popular screens and media players so that our clients don’t have a long wait if they need replacements.

If you’re working to a tight deadline, get in touch. We may be able to meet your requirements in matter of days rather than weeks.

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Freestanding digital signage totem in a UVU enclosure

Digital signage hardware we sell

LED wall panels, mounts & controllers/processors

Digital signage media players

Enclosures (indoor, outdoor, free standing), mounts & frameworks

Sensory technology (motion sensors, touch sensors)

Cameras (including people counting & face recognition)

Sound/speaker systems

All-in-one systems (i.e. screens & mobile displays with built-in media players)

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