Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Shelf Edge Display Digital Signage

Attention-grabbing promotion and efficient labelling

Create a modern, dynamic and efficient retail space

Digital shelf edge displays (also called electronic shelf labels) and digital price tags are rapidly growing in popularity in the retail industry.

This is because they reduce the manual process of labelling and updating pricing, and can be used to upgrade the look and feel of retail space, and draw attention to retail displays.

We can supply and install all types of shelf edge display rails, and battery or solar-powered digital price tags. We can also source all the other hardware you’ll need, install it, supply you with software to manage your on-screen content, integrate your EPOS system into the digital displays and provide ongoing content creation and technical support.

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Digital shelf edge rails

We can supply digital shelf edge rails of varying lengths (for use with gondolas and freestanding display units).

These are essentially long, thin digital displays that work like a screen, and can show video files (e.g. animation) but are low voltage and have low-noise cooling fans.

They have a slimline design with a steel casing and hardened protective glass which makes them robust and perfectly suited for a busy retail environment.

Digital shelf edge rails are high definition and have a broad viewing angle making them easily visible from a distance.

They can be synchronised with other rails vertically or horizontally to create an eye-catching aisle-length display and/or draw attention to specific products or promotions.

Rails can be one way or interactive, enabling shoppers to tap the rail to find out additional information about the product or a price promotion, making cross-selling of packages easier. We can also integrate speaker systems for multi-sense experiential marketing.

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Digital price tags

We can supply digital price tags in a range of sizes (1.5”-7.5”) and in rectangular or square formats.

Digital price tags are more cost-efficient than rails because they use electronic paper technology, rather than LCD, however this means that they can’t display complex imagery or animation. They can, however, display text and barcodes/QR codes in a range of colours.

Digital price tags are updated via the cloud, which means that they can be updated in real time so staff no longer need to replace price tags manually.

They are low-energy and most have a battery-life of ten years, though solar-powered options are now available, and most are designed to comply with IP67 rating standards.

Digital shelf edge display uses

Display product prices

Promotional space

Educate shoppers

Highlight promotions or new products

Benefits of using digital shelf edge displays

  • Draw attention to specific products/brands
  • Reduce print costs and time spent manually displaying/amending paper tickets
  • Automatic price updates
  • Improved look/feel of retail space
  • Unlimited product information display space
  • Third party advertising revenue
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