Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

LED Walls

Vivid, flexible, efficient, and long-lasting – the unparalleled choice for digital displays

LED walls installed by specialists

We’re a digital signage agency that specialises in commercial LED walls (these can also be called LED video walls, or dvLED (direct view LED)).

We can design, supply and install flat, curved (concave and convex) and transparent formats, in indoor and outdoor locations, and with standard or micro-LED panels.

We are supplier agnostic to ensure you get the best possible deal, and can source our LED wall hardware from a range of manufacturers including Absen, Sharp NEC, Samsung, LG, Hikvision, and Unilumen.

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Any shape, size or location

One of the key benefits of LED walls is their flexibility, as they can be almost any shape, and flat, concave or convex.

Should you want a complex, non-standard layout we can help you design, build and install the perfect LED wall for your business, no matter what the shape.

Similarly, if you want to erect your indoor or outdoor LED wall in a challenging location (e.g. on a curved wall with a tight radius, or on a non-flat surface), we’re confident we can help you as we’ve a strong track record in this area.

Opaque, transparent or curved

LED technology has progressed so much that we can even create transparent LED displays.

These are created using a transparent film which is attached to a glass surface, this can be flat or curved.

They have adjustable brightness (up to 4000 nit) and can therefore be used for window displays to create a really eye-catching display.

Types of LED wall & associated hardware we can supply & install

LED Tiles & Cabinets (indoor & outdoor, standard & micro-LED)

Curved displays

(concave or convex)


(standard or bespoke)

Transparent LED displays


Speaker systems

What are LED walls?

LED walls are the next generation of digital signage. They provide a vibrant, continuous display that appears sharp to people in relatively close proximity and are easy to see at long-distance. Unlike a screen, an LED wall doesn’t have set dimensions. They can be flat or curved and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Standard LED walls are composed of lots of small LED tiles held together in a container called a cabinet. The cabinet is placed onto a framework which holds everything in place with the necessary degree of accuracy.

They’re more efficient than a traditional video wall, using significantly less energy, and have roughly double the overall lifespan. For a full explanation, view our blog.

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Why use Saturn for your LED wall display?

Experience – We specialise in LED walls and have created them in all sorts of different formats (curved and flat) and locations (indoor and outdoor). We’ve designed, built and installed numerous bespoke frameworks for LED panels to create unique displays that perfectly meet our clients’ needs.

Prices – We’ll speak to various suppliers (e.g. Samsung, NEC, Absen, LG, Unilumen) and use our purchasing power to get the best hardware prices for you.

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Convenience – We’ll take responsibility for making sure everything is done for you as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible. We’ll identify the size and specification of panels you need and specify an appropriate framework suitable for the layout/position you want it to appear in. We can then supply and install it for you, provide software to control your on-screen content, and provide ongoing technical support.

Content – We have a team of digital signage content specialists who can design and create content suitable for large format displays – taking into consideration all the technical requirements of your display and its layout/position. We can also manage your content for you.

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LED wall prices

There are multiple factors that affect the price of an LED wall display– e.g. size, pixel pitch, configuration, installation – so we aren’t able to give you a range of prices by size on our website, as these would be misleading (for more info on the pricing factors check out our blog).

Please get in touch with us to get a detailed quote based on your exact needs. Please note that the more hardware and services you buy from us, the more our prices come down. We like to form long term relationships with our clients and reward them for spending more with us.

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LED wall in AO office reception area

Why use an LED wall?

There are numerous benefits of using LED walls

  • Easy to see – no glare from sunlight and easily visible close-up and far away (with the correct pixel pitch)
  • Energy efficient (relative to the size/scale of display) and a long display life (double that of a video wall or of a projector)
  • Easy to maintain – simply swap faulty panels out for new ones
  • Layout flexibility – create any shape of display you want (they can also be curved)
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