Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

LED Walls

Seamless, vivid, low energy, flexible and easy to maintain

Ultra-efficient, high-impact displays

LED walls are the next generation of digital signage.

They provide a vibrant, continuous display that appears sharp to people in relatively close proximity or at long-distance. They can be flat or curved and can be used indoors or outdoors.

We’re a digital signage consultancy that specialises in LED walls. We’ll help you identify the size and specification most suitable for your situation. We’ll then speak to our suppliers (e.g. Samsung, NEC, Absen, LG, Unilumen) and use our purchasing power to get the best hardware prices for you. If you decide to proceed, we can then supply and install it for you, and provide software to control your on-screen content. We can also create and manage content for you and provide technical support.

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Outdoor LED wall at an ODEON cinema

Flexible layouts and easy to maintain

LED walls are composed of lots of small tiles containing LEDs rather than having screens. As such, they are easy to maintain. Should an LED wall panel become faulty, it can simply be lifted out of the display and replaced with another, with no colour calibration needed.

The LED wall structure also affords flexibility, enabling you to create a display in the size and shape you want, rather than having to be limited by standard screen sizes.

They are more efficient than a traditional video wall (made up of LCD or LED screens), using significantly less energy and with roughly double the overall lifespan.

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Large digital signage screen in window at a Cupra car showroom

LED Wall Uses

High-profile promotional space (indoor or outdoor)

Branded experiences

Display multiple notifications/directions (e.g. transport arrival/departure, logistics updates)

LED Wall Benefits

  • Easy to see in bright places and close-up
  • Eye-catching
  • Ability to show large amounts of information simultaneously
  • Layout flexibility



  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Curved or flat
  • Audio or silent
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Saturn LED Wall Solution Features

3-year warranty on all electrical hardware


Low energy consumption

High definition

No glare from sunlight

No bezel – seamless display

Sleep mode (to maximise screen life)

Wide viewing angle

System crash auto restart function


With this solution there are variable elements that depend on your exact requirements. Please get in touch with our sales team on 0161 222 0706 for a customised quotation, or to get a ballpark starting price for this solution.


Our four-step customised quotation process

Initial fact-finding meeting
We discuss your aims, objectives, your budget, the sites in question, and the solutions and services you have in mind, and any other relevant considerations.
We'll do a site visit
We visit your site free of charge to identify any factors which could affect your hardware selection. We also look for any project delivery/risk factor considerations.
We review plan validity
We use our site survey findings to re-evaluate our initial recommendations and adjust them accordingly.
Our recommendations
We share our recommendations, discuss them with you, then if no changes are needed, we submit our customised quote.

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