Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage For Manufacturing

Display operational info/data, reinforce best practice, make staff announcements…

Improve operational efficiency & support staff

Want to use digital signage to improve your operational efficiency at your manufacturing/industrial site or warehouse? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re a specialist digital signage agency that’s worked everywhere from mining facilities to factories helping manufacturing, logistics & industrial businesses to use digital signage to improve their set-up and/or tackle operational and HR issues.

We’ll work with you to design a solution tailored to your site/s and your business’ exact needs, whether that’s reinforcing best practice, giving performance data, or something more complex.


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Digital signage display in an industrial setting showing info to staff

Applications for digital signage in the manufacturing/warehouse/industrial environment

Showing real time operational info (charts/graphs)

Operational data entry

Reinforcing operational/health & safety best practice

Displaying performance data

Giving logistics instructions

Announcements & internal news/initiatives

Reinforcing company culture/staff recognition


Digital signage solutions for manufacturing sites

We can supply a range of different types of hardware for different applications. These include:

  • Small format information screens – We can supply screens in sizes ranging from 22″- 98″ and from any major manufacturer making it easier for your staff to access real-time operational information, streamline deliveries, or view important updates
  • Large format screens – If you want to make information visible from a distance, we can supply video walls for indoor sites, or if you want a larger or non-standard size/format display we can supply and install indoor or outdoor LED walls (flat or curved)
  • Touch screen displays – We can supply touchscreen displays in sizes ranging from 10″-75″ enabling your staff to access specific information, enter data/adjust systems/add feedback whilst on site
  • Touch-free interactive displays– We can design, supply and install interactive gesture-controlled systems to provide information and/or collect feedback whilst keeping screens clean in hygiene sensitive areas

We regularly buy electrical hardware in bulk and subsequently benefit from preferential rates which we’ll pass on to you, our client.

Services we provide to manufacturers

In addition to hardware supply, we offer a comprehensive range of services so you only ever need to deal with one supplier. Services we offer include:

  • Installation – We know how important things like operational efficiency, security and hygiene can be at different types of site. Our project managers will work with you and your team to ensure any site-specific requirements are met during the installation process and any possible disruption is minimised
  • Software development – We have a UK-based, in-house software development team that can integrate different third party software systems with content management software so data from different sources can be shown on one screen
  • Software licencing & content services – We can supply enterprise-grade content management software and provide a range of content creation and management services
  • Technical support – We have a UK-based, in-house technical helpdesk which provides remote or on-site assistance with hardware and software, seven days a week.

We like to reward our best customers so the more services you buy from us, the better rates you’ll get.

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“As a management team we are committed to improving the Volkswagen brand internal communications, as a dynamic medium ‘News Forum’ has a vital role in enhancing our internal communication on a daily basis.”

Paul Willis, Managing Director (UK)

Key Benefits

  • Increased compliance with best practice
  • Increased likelihood of compliance with H&S guidelines
  • Increase in staff motivation/productivity & retention

If you’re interested in using digital signage for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing or industrial environments, why not check out our article about why/how different businesses are using it?

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