Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Manufacturing & Industrial Digital Signage

Display performance data, reinforce best practice, make staff announcements…

Engage staff, reinforce best practice & improve operational efficiency

Want to improve operational efficiency in a busy warehouse, manufacturing or industrial site and retain hard-to-replace skilled staff?

Digital signage can alter the efficiency of a manufacturing/industrial environment and increase staff satisfaction by improving site safety, maintaining best practice standards, engaging staff and improving productivity.

We work with a number of different businesses in manufacturing and industrial environments using standard and bespoke digital signage solutions to help them improve efficiency.

Some of the standard solutions we can offer manufacturing, and industrial businesses include:

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Digital signage display in an industrial setting showing info to staff

Applications for digital signage in the manufacturing/industrial environment

Centralising equipment monitoring data from different systems

Reinforcing operational/health & safety best practice

Displaying team performance data

Giving logistics instructions

Announcements & internal news

Reinforcing company culture

Staff recognition

Promote internal initiatives

Volkswagen logo

“As a management team we are committed to improving the Volkswagen brand internal communications, as a dynamic medium ‘News Forum’ has a vital role in enhancing our internal communication on a daily basis.”

Paul Willis, Managing Director (UK)

Key Benefits

  • Reduce volume of downtime for maintenance
  • Increased compliance with best practice
  • Increased likelihood of compliance with H&S guidelines
  • Increase in staff motivation/productivity & retention


If you’re interested in using digital signage for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing or industrial environments, why not check out our article about why different businesses are using it?

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