Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Gesture Control Digital Signage

Gesture-controlled digital signage – communication and interaction without touching surfaces

Use waving gestures to trigger an action or navigate on-screen

Touching screens has become part of life, but keeping them clean in busy or dirty places can be difficult.

We offer a software/hardware solution that enables people to trigger an action, access information or communicate feedback without ever having to touch a keyboard, screen or relay the information verbally. Instructions are displayed on screen directing the user to wave at a highlighted sensor to initiate a specific action.

The playful action of waving at sensors is both unusual and engaging, making it ideal for creating unique brand experiences. It can also reduce the spread of germs in public places or hygienic areas, and keep computer equipment/screens/devices clean in industrial environments.

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Man using SaturnWave digital signage solution in an electrical goods retail store

Gesture Controlled Digital Signage Applications

Novel branded experiences/gamification of brand experiences

Interactive educational displays

Keeping computer equipment/devices clean in industrial/hygiene-sensitive  environments

Feedback/retail analytics gathering

Benefits Of Using Gesture Control

  • Gesture-controlled content/devices remove the need for touch
  • Navigation by gesture is novel/fun for the majority of people
  • People who are reluctant to touch surfaces can engage with gesture-controlled branded experiences
  • Reduce the need for cleaning electronic touchpoints
  • Create a unique and modern/innovative and memorable brand experience
  • More interactive brand engagement
  • Monitor interaction & track feedback for better customer/visitor insight


  • Use for navigation with interactive content or to trigger a computer-controlled action
  • Motion sensors can be positioned horizontally, diagonally or vertically
  • GDPR-compliant demographic (gender/age) information tracking
  • Short (5-80cm), medium (15-150cm) or long range (50-500cm) proximity sensors
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