Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Content Services

Have experts design, create &/or manage your digital signage content for you

Our digital signage content services

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All your digital signage content needs met in one place

Want better content for your digital signage? You’ve come to the right place.

We have one of the only specialist digital signage content creation and management teams in the UK. That means they know all the various considerations unique to designing content for digital signage, and how to handle them in different scenarios.

Why does that matter? Like any content, what appears on your digital signage displays needs to be well designed, well-timed and eye-catching, but, uniquely, it also needs to be optimised for the screen and location it’ll be appearing in.

Our services are also surprisingly affordable, so why not get in touch and speak to a member of our team?

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"Thanks to a redesign by Saturn, visitors are now more engaged with our digital screen content"

Dan Harris, Operations Director, Scott Cinemas

Menu board content

Saturn has clients across the leisure/sport and hospitality industries, so we’re pretty confident that we’ve designed and produced more menu board content than anyone else in the UK.

We design digital menu layouts for legibility, customer’s ease of use, and to highlight key products and promotions, whilst obviously strictly adhering to brand guidelines.

We’re also adept at product profiling and making promotions really stand out. That can be through smart positioning, great product photography, and/or animation.

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Screen synchronisation for digital signage

Screen synchronisation (also called a screen takeover) is an incredibly effective tool because it’s so attention-grabbing. However, most businesses with multiple digital signage displays in a concentrated area don’t make enough use of it because it’s incredibly complex to get the content and timing right.

We’ve delivered hundreds of screen takeovers at numerous sites for lots of different brands. We’ll work with you to understand your goals, key messages, your site(s), customer journey, brand and real estate. We’ll map out the screens you want to use, then plan the animation that will appear across them all, as a whole.

We’ll create the content for each individual display, addressing the timings, and taking into consideration the distances between screens

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Some of our content creation clients

  • Costa Coffee logo
  • Ben & Jerrys logo
  • Cineworld logo
  • Britvic logo
  • AO logo
  • Crosscountry logo
  • Cineworld logo
  • Disney logo
  • Warner Bros logo

Touchscreen/interactive content & UI

Interactive digital signage can save businesses a substantial amount of time and money because people can serve themselves. However, for it to work properly, you need an easy-to-use, and reliable user interface.

Whether you want a user interface for self-service kiosks for making purchases, or simply for displaying information, we can help.

We’ll work with you to understand your ideal user journey and plot it out using wireframes, taking into consideration screen optimisation, so that your user interface is customised for the displays they’ll appear on.

We’ll then create the branded user interface, undertaking the relevant software development, and checking the user experience at every stage.

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Animation for digital signage

The human eye is instinctively attracted to movement. As such, animation is a great way to make your product or message stand out.

We’ll work with you to identify the best way to present your product/s or message. This could be through subtle movement, by creating a full narrative, or applying one of the many other animation techniques/options in between.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll consider your user’s journey – including viewing distances, and potential distractions nearby – to ensure that your on-screen content does its job as efficiently as possible.

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More of our content creation clients

  • Northern Trains logo
  • Coca Cola Logo
  • Croma logo
  • Sony logo
  • NHS logo
  • Reel Cinema logo

Digital signage content management

It’s not just your content that needs to be right, but the scheduling of it too. You can’t deliver a great customer journey with multiple messages, flashing screens, and different types of animation appearing randomly. You’re more likely to give people a headache.

Because digital signage is all we do, we know all about message timing, content positioning, and screen harmony. We also know that to deliver a good return on investment, digital signage must give the right people, the right information, at the right time, so clever scheduling is often required.

We’ll take all the legwork out of your content management and ensure that everything adheres to scheduling best practice.


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Why work with the Saturn content team?

Put simply, we’re one of the only agencies in the UK that specialises in digital signage content.

We know all the technical ins and outs or screen optimisation, and of optimal versus worst case viewing distances and how to tackle them.

Similarly, we know how a site’s colour scheme and interior design affects how someone will engage with on-screen content, and how to adapt it accordingly.

We offer a range of complementary services under one roof (creative, graphic design, software development, content management), which means that all our different specialists regularly consult each other.

For large and/or time-sensitive projects, our project manager will oversee the work delivered by our different content specialists to ensure that everything is delivered on time and within budget.

Our multi-skilled team can take on any content needs you have, at any stage of a project. From developing a concept, storyboarding, creating motion graphics, and editing video, to uploading content and scheduling it. We’ll work with you to create eye-catching and engaging branded displays with the minimum of fuss.

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