Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Freestanding & Totem Digital Signage

Totem/freestanding displays exactly where and how you want them

Get your message across anywhere

Looking for robust, slick-looking digital totems or freestanding digital signage? Good, because you’re in the right place.

We can supply and install a range of one and two-sided totem enclosures for indoor or outdoor use, the electrical hardware to go inside them, and software to manage the content on them.

We can also supply a range of other types of freestanding displays including lecterns, pedestals and help you create your own custom, branded freestanding displays, should you wish.

NB: For freestanding self-service digital kiosks visit our kiosks page.


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Totem/freestanding digital signage enclosures we can supply

Indoor floor-mounted totem

(designed to IP43 standards)

Outdoor floor-mounted totem

(Super-robust or standard) (designed to IP65 standards)

Outdoor, battery-powered A-board LED displays

Mobile totem




(single or dual-sided) (single screen or twin-stacked)

Modern, robust totem enclosures with a low carbon footprint

Most standard totem digital signage enclosures in the UK are manufactured in Eastern Asia. They’re transported around 13,000 miles by ship – one of the least sustainable methods of transport – and can take as long as 12 weeks to arrive in the UK.

At Saturn, we think there’s a better way. That why we have a library of tried-and-tested totem enclosure designs that you can pick from (or you can design your own) and we’ll make your enclosures to order in the UK. This means your order can be turned around in as little as four to six weeks and will reduce the carbon footprint of your digital signage project.

Totem enclosure quality

Our totem digital signage enclosures tend to exceed the specifications of standard industry designs with regards to longevity and hardware protection.

They use clever design techniques to create optimum operating conditions for electrical hardware, keeping any moisture out and controlling air flow inside the enclosure to prevent condensation and/or the hardware overheating. They also have a three-point locking system.

We’re so confident in the quality of our indoor and outdoor totem enclosures that we offer one of the longest warranties for digital signage enclosures on the market.

Our four-step totem enclosure purchasing process

Site assessment
We’ll assess your site (either via a site visit or photos/videos you send us) to identify the ideal totem enclosure size/format. We’ll then pick out appropriate designs from our library for you to choose from, and identify appropriate displays/media players etc.
Once you’ve picked a totem design/s we’ll discuss any customisation you may want – e.g. pantone colours for the exterior, cut-outs in the shape of your logo – and then agree the cost and turnaround time for the enclosure/s, other hardware and installation.
Once agreed, we’ll get on with producing your enclosures in the specified design and volume. We'll also order your electrical hardware, and begin any content/software development work you need.
When your totem enclosures are ready, they'll be assessed by our team for quality control. Once signed off and your electrical hardware has arrived, we’ll contact you to arrange a date/time to install them.

Why choose Saturn for your freestanding/totem digital signage?

Quality – We started out buying our freestanding display enclosures from other businesses, but found that some were prone to leaking and were easily damaged by vandals. So, we designed our own range and have evolved the designs over the last ten years.

Our three-point locking system in our totem enclosures has a 100% track record in keeping vandals out.

Prices – We’ll liaise with our suppliers to get you the best deal on your screens and any other hardware you need, and install it (NB: all our electrical hardware comes with a three-year-warranty).

Content – Should you want touchscreen freestanding displays, we have an in-house content creation team who can design user interfaces and do the relevant software development for you.

Experience – We’ve supplied and installed totems, monoliths, pedestals and lecterns indoors and outdoors around the UK at cinemas, car showrooms, hospitals, and railway stations. We are responsible for the maintenance of these and know which hardware to use in different circumstances, so our buying advice is second to none.

Convenience – Installing freestanding digital signage is often more problematic than standard displays because of variable lux levels, power supplies, and variable wifi strength. We can supply and install your hardware, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and sort out any power and connectivity requirements.

We can also provide enterprise-grade, content management software and ongoing technical support, so you only need to deal with one supplier for everything.

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Why we don't display our totem/freestanding digital signage prices

There are three key reasons we don’t display prices for totem/freestanding digital signage on our website.

  1. We set our hardware prices based on what we’re paying. We shop around for the best screen and media player prices, and where we can, we use bulk buying to get better rates from our suppliers and pass those savings on to you. If we charged a flat rate, you’d inevitably pay more.
  2. The more hardware and services you buy from us, the more our prices come down. We like to form long term relationships with our clients and reward them for spending more with us.
  3. Prices vary massively. There are so many different types of freestanding digital signage, screen sizes and models that you can use, that showing the price of one or two can be really misleading.
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Why use SaturnVision software for your freestanding digital signage?

With our cloud-based, enterprise-grade digital signage SaturnVision software, you can:

  • Schedule content by day/time/frequency
  • Split the display to distract waiting customers (e.g. news feed, weather, live TV)
  • Integrate third party systems (e.g. EPOS) with your on-screen display

It also offers remote access to aid trouble-shooting, has ‘system crash auto restart’  to aid continuity, and an adjustable sleep mode to save energy/sceen life.

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