Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Q&A For IT Professionals


There are a few questions we’re regularly about asked by IT professionals, so we thought we’d answer them here.


Our platform is AWS/Microsoft Azure hosted so it’s very scalable.  A single operator can upload and schedule content, and control all/any of an organisation’s screens from any location, making it easy for a single person to manage a large estate.

Yes, a half day of user training is usually provided. This can be on-site, over the internet, or in the form of training videos. We also have an online library for use by admins and users. User guidance is provided via our technical helpdesk. We can provide refresher training on an annual basis if required.

Our platform is AWS/Microsoft Azure hosted and on average you can expect a 99.95% platform uptime.

We are Cyber Essentials certified and we’re in the final stages of working towards the ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification.

Our software is protected by an enterprise-grade vulnerability scanner which identifies existing/emerging cyber threats. To learn more about the measures we take to protect our web applications and cloud platform and our software operating system, please download this cyber security document.

SaturnVision can consume the vast majority of media formats – e.g. Video, social media (Youtube, Twitter), live TV (IPTV), web pages, photos, live feeds, RSS feeds

We have an app store which has a range of standard, industry-specific, and EPOS integrations.

Our in-house, UK-based software development team can integrate pretty much any third-party software or data feeds you need in line with your exact needs.


All electrical equipment comes with a manufacturer warranty – usually three years, which can often be extended to five years if required.

We offer a warranty with all of Saturn’s enclosures – the length of warranty is reliant on the complexity of the display.

Yes, we have a warehouse and can hold some gold stock for you free of charge until it’s required.


It operates 7 days a week, 9am til 10pm. We aim to troubleshoot and fix problems remotely wherever possible. Where engineers have to be called out to a site, our helpdesk will make those arrangements for you, and order your hardware replacements if necessary.

If you take up our technical support service, we will agree SLAs with you prior to commencing a technical helpdesk support contract. Issues can be reported by telephone or email. We manage our support tickets via an online portal, so all related communication related to the ticket is stored in that system.


We do a lot of checks and have lots of project management procedures (in line with Prince2) which we can talk you through, but in summary, we follow a four step process:

  1. Pre-installation assessments and questionnaires – Site assessments may be in the form of a physical site visit or we may ask for photos/videos to assessments – to ascertain what’s needed (e.g. sub-contractors, hoardings, existing hardware removal). We’ll then specify the hardware in line with your business objectives and ask for sign off of our quote.
  2. Hardware ordering and checks – once the costs have been signed off, we’ll order the hardware and any other required services then give you a provisional installation date. We’ll ask you for a range of information (e.g. on-site/IT contacts) to ensure slick project delivery. When the hardware arrives we’ll do soak testing after imaging the PC to reduce the likelihood of hardware failure post-installation.
  3. Installation – On the day of installation, we’ll need open ports and access to your network (for a large site with multiple installations, we may require an appropriate IT professional from your company to be present on site). Any electrical hardware we remove will be sent to a specialist recycling facility.
  4. Project handover – we’ll complete our post-installation checks, then ask you to confirm that everything has been done to your satisfaction.
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