Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage - What IT Professionals Need To Know


It would be natural to assume that managing an estate of digital signage, with all the associated hardware, software and content, would be complicated, laborious and expensive. But that isn’t necessarily the case, as most systems are controlled remotely.

Estate health monitoring

Many cloud-based digital signage content management systems have software that enables an operator to upload and schedule content, and to control all/any of an organisation’s screens from any location, making it easy for a single person manage a large estate.

Our own software system SaturnVision also has a function that constantly monitors how each of the screens in the digital signage estate is functioning, and in the event of an issue on one of the screens being flagged up, it instructs the screen to take actions to try and ‘heal itself’.

Maintenance/management support

With a digital signage, it is inevitable that situations requiring specialist IT knowledge will occur occasionally. As such, most businesses with a sizeable digital signage estate choose to buy-in a specialist maintenance support service to avoid putting any pressure on their in-house IT team and available resource.

Saturn’s own support service, for example, can be tailored to complement an organisation’s in-house IT capability and available resource. Alternatively businesses can hand over all digital signage-related IT management to us, and we can report into the in-house IT team.

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