Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Wayfinding Digital Signage

Guide new visitors through their journey using digital displays

Use wayfinding digital signage for efficient and stress-free navigation

Wayfinding digital signage is a navigation system that’s not just practical but is visually engaging, and can be used for marketing purposes too.

It can create a great first impression of your organisation, communicating that you’re efficient, well organised, and easy to work with. It guides site visitors through complex spaces, providing real-time directions and making navigation a breeze and ensuring they get to where they want to be with the minimum of stress and maximum efficiency.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect customised solution that will suit your specific needs and goals. We can designinstall, and manage your wayfinding digital signage system (including doing software development and supplying the relevant hardware and software), ensuring that it is easy to use, relevant, and reliable. We can also provide ongoing technical support, should you need it.

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Wayfinding digital signage totem in a lobby

Uses for wayfinding digital signage

Map out shortest/best routes & give check-in instructions

Display QR codes to activate personalised mobile navigation

Promotional space

Display directories

Generate visitor data/feedback

Make visitor info available in multiple languages

Our wayfinding solutions

The experience someone has on your premises shapes how they view your brand. Wayfinding digital signage is a smart and effective way to guide your visitors to their desired destinations. Use it to direct people to different floors, rooms, or buildings by providing clear, dynamic and confusion-free directions.

But wayfinding digital signage isn’t just about navigation. It can showcase your brand identity and promote products, services, sales promotions, and/or upcoming events. Use it to create a more engaging and interactive environment that attracts and retains your customers.

We design with inclusivity in mind, ensuring clear visibility and adherence to ADA guidelines. We can also integrate your wayfinding displays with other digital solutions, such as interactive kiosks (e.g. click & collect), touchscreens, or mobile apps, to create a seamless and consistent user journey, including multiple language options.

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Types of wayfinding digital signage we can supply & install (models/prices on request)

All standard display sizes (32″-55″) & manufacturers (e.g. Samsung, NEC, LG, Phillips, Vestel)

Touchscreen or display only

Indoor and outdoor use

LCD or LED screens

Benefits of wayfinding digital signage

  • Improving customer/visitor experience: Wayfinding digital signage can help your customers or visitors find their way around your premises with ease and convenience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.  It  can also used to create fun, interactive and memorable experiences which help to generate positive word-of-mouth and referrals.
  • Reducing missed appointments: Wayfinding digital signage can help your customers or visitors arrive on time for their appointments, meetings, or events, avoiding wasting time and resources. By showing the estimated time and distance to their destinations, wayfinding displays can help your customers or visitors plan their routes and avoid delays. It can also provide them with relevant information, such as check-in procedures.
  • Data-driven insights: You can use displays to track user interactions and gain valuable insights into visitor behaviour to optimise your space and signage strategy and/or for marketing purposes (e.g. A/B testing interaction with different formats of promotional content).
  • Reducing distractions/time spent on direction giving by staff: Wayfinding digital signage can free up your staff from giving directions to your customers/visitors, allowing them to focus on their core tasks and responsibilities. By reducing the need for human intervention, it can also reduce the possibility of human error in providing directions.
  • Easy and cost-effective to update displays: Wayfinding displays can be easily and cost-effectively updated with new or changed information, such as opening hours, special offers, or event schedules. You can update it remotely or locally in real-time, or schedule your updates in advance. It can help you keep your information fresh, relevant, and accurate, and avoid the hassle and expense of printing and replacing physical signs.
  • Targeted messaging: Like any digital signage displays, they can be used to deliver dynamic content and promotions to your visitors/customers in specific locations.

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