Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Software For Retail & Leisure

SaturnVision: The perfect package for the leisure, retail, and cinema industries

Content management software tailor-made for retail, leisure & cinema industries

SaturnVision is a digital signage content management software package designed especially for use by the retail, leisure and cinema industries.

Unlike some ‘one size fits all’ content management software (CMS) packages, ours has been developed with these different industries in mind to get the right functionality and industry-specific integrations.

It’s also been designed to make managing a digital signage estate easy, regardless of how big or complex it is. It’s packed with features to help you control the who, what, when and where, and to aid on-screen continuity in the event of an issue.

Some Retailers & Leisure Businesses Using SaturnVision Digital Signage Software

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Create compelling, customised displays for your retail outlets, leisure sites & cinemas

SaturnVision has a full range of screen management and customisation features for cinemas retail and leisure outlets to help you tailor your message (by appearance and/or location) and to communicate it in attention-grabbing way.


  • Screen grouping – Group multiple screens together (e.g. by location) and show different content in different groups at the same time
  • Synchronisation – Synchronise screens together to show a single piece of promotional content across multiple displays
  • Layouts – Create custom screen layouts, pick from the layout library, or modify existing templates
  • Split screens – Simultaneously display different types/pieces of content on a single screen in whatever layout you like
  • External triggers – Use external triggers (e.g. touch/motion sensors) to initiate content to appear or to navigate
  • Custom fonts – Import custom fonts to keep your displays on-brand
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Why SaturnVision is so easy to use


You can manage screens and content from anywhere

Hardware agnostic

Suitable for use with all screens, tablets, video walls, and touchscreens

All media formats

Compatible with all mainstream image & video media formats


Functionality to fit content to the screen

Drag & drop

Functionality to aid adjustment of screen layouts

Preview & review

Ability to check content before & after publishing it

Make your screens smarter

SaturnVision is easy to integrate with EPOS systems so you can show pricing information on your screens and have these automatically update.

 Capable of integration with:

  • Pricing systems (e.g. Vista, Jackro, Admit One)
  • Third party software/data
  • Web pages
  • Apps (e.g weather, traffic, news)
  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, Youtube)
  • Motion sensors
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Reliable and secure


99.95% platform uptime & scalable (AWS/Microsoft Azure hosted)

Aids continuity

Saves media files locally in case internet connection fails

Fault diagnosis

Dashboard highlights issues


Minimises screen downtime in event of media player crash


Protected by enterprise-grade vulnerability scanner which identifies existing/emerging cyber threats

Status visibility

View player online/offline status

Makes managing any digital signage estate easy.

SaturnVision is intuitive, reliable and has a large suite of features (e.g. content/library/player administration, user-management, fault-finding/fixing). Use hashtags for easy playlist building and management (e.g. #bankholidaypromo)

These will help you keep everything running smoothly, no matter how large or complex your digital signage estate is, or how many users there are.

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“I love how easy it is to create a playlist and upload content using Saturn's content management software system. We’ve been using it for a few years and have found it to be really user friendly and has lots of great features."

Nick Bowd, Marketing, Retail and Support Manager for Scott Cinemas Ltd

Puts you in control

  • Remote management – Control your devices, and view content remotely
  • Screen control – Adjust screen volume, input sources, and switch power on/off remotely
  • Playlist scheduling – Schedule playlists by date and time, or regular times/intervals
  • Content expiry – Set content expiry dates to assist library management and avoid out-of-date content being published
  • User permissions – Tailor user permissions to control who can see, edit, and publish content
  • Library visibility – Block specific users’ visibility of library content to avoid it being used without permission/by accident
  • Emergency Interrupt – Interrupt playlists with urgent announcements & resume them immediately afterwards
  • Auto-shutdown – Set up auto-shutdown by time/day to extend screen life and save energy
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Get more for less with a SaturnVision subscription

All functionality included in standard licence fee

Unlimited users

Unlimited content library storage

Training session provided (in-person or live-streamed)

Fully supported initial set-up (e.g. setting screen sizes)

12-month subscription basis with monthly payment options

SaturnVision subscription cost is based on volume of media players

User support provided

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