Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

SaturnVision Digital Signage Software

At Saturn, we believe that digital signage software must be reliable, intuitive, flexible, and work in line with your business’s changing needs.

We created our own enterprise-grade, cloud-based content management software over a decade ago, so that we could deliver all of those things, and continue to develop its functionality in line with what matters to our clients.

SaturnVision digital signage software offers all the standard features like drag and drop playlists, scheduling, and has a web-hosted storage library with search function.

It also has advanced features like remote device management, API integrations for dynamic content and apps (e.g. social media feeds, live TV, web pages). It can be used to group screens and show different content in different locations.

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Key features of our digital signage software


Enterprise-level – cloud based

Can consume majority of media formats

Automatic content updates via live data feed

Content library with search function

Playlist scheduling

API integration

Adjustable auto-shutdown to extend screen life

SaturnVision is compatible with almost all image and video data sources. It is also capable of automating information updates to aid content management, giving you the ability to deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Because it’s our own CMS, we can develop it how we want, and offer you bespoke integrations with your business’s existing software packages.

Despite its complex functionality, SaturnVision is user-friendly and takes less than a day’s training to learn how to use.

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