Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Turnkey digital signage project management

Project management without the effort/stress

If your business has a large site, multiple sites, or it’s short on resource and AV/technical experience, it can be a big undertaking to create or evolve a digital signage estate. That’s why we offer turnkey digital signage project management.

Our experienced team can take the responsibility for delivering your project off your shoulders. All you need to do is tell us your aims, requirements, challenges, and your budget and we’ll get on with the rest. We’ll then design the perfect estate for you, specifying the appropriate hardware, liaising with stakeholders, and installing it, all within your specified budget and timescale.

Once your project is completed, should you wish, we can also take responsibility for content creation and management and technical support, so you can focus on doing what you do best, and leaving everything related to digital signage to us.

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Why trust Saturn with your digital signage project?

There are three key reasons we think you should trust us to deliver your digital signage project as turnkey.

  1. Experience – We’ve delivered multiple turnkey digital signage projects for brands like ODEON, AO, and Scott Cinemas which involved multiple large sites and complications like bespoke kiosk/enclosure design and build. All were delivered within the specified budget and timeframe.
  2. Innovative approach – We love using technology to problem-solve and we’re pretty good at it –just check out our AO case study for an example. If we’re working to a budget we’ll often innovate to see if we can deliver the required results in a better/cheaper way.
  3. Reliable – We take ‘doing things properly’ very seriously. We’re big on dotting the I and crossing the T. We do lots of checking and double-checking and planning ahead for potential problems. That’s why our turnkey projects are consistently delivered on time/budget.
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Our process for turnkey digital signage project management

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We’ll start the consultation process by visiting the relevant site/s and having a workshop with all the relevant stakeholders.

We’ll work with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and why, learn about any issues you need to tackle, and chat about any ideas you have. We’ll also chat about the site/s and whether there are any restrictions (e.g. building fabric, minimising disturbance) that we need to be aware of.

We’ll discuss your ideal timeframe for delivery, the budget you have available, and what the decision-making process is from your side.

We’ll then pitch some initial ideas at you to get your feedback.


Once we’re sure we understand what success looks like for you and that we know all the project-relevant details, we’ll gather our specialists from different teams together and throw some ideas around.

We’ll research and chat through all the possibilities, the pros and cons of each, and how we’re going to deliver the best value we can for your budget.

We’ll then firm up our plan (which will include an explanation of our recommendations) and send it to you for approval.


Once your estate/solution design has been finalised, we’ll then start contacting various suppliers to get the best quality hardware we can for your budget (in line with the appropriate specifications).

When we’ve sourced product prices from a range of suppliers, we’ll create a shortlist and check the hardware’s dimensions to make sure it’ll comfortably fit into the relevant spaces. We’ll also check that they’re compatible with all the other hardware we’re intending to use.

We’ll then finalise our proposed hardware list and send it to you for approval. Once we have your purchase order, we’ll then order the hardware.

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We’ll liaise with the people from your business that are responsible for the relevant site to give suggested dates for installation. If approved, we’ll then book in our installers and any other services that are needed (e.g. electricians, lifting equipment).

If we’re creating bespoke enclosures/mounts for you, our designer will start work and send you the designs for sign off. When you’re happy, we’ll book in the relevant services to build it/them.

Once the hardware we’ve ordered arrives, we’ll check it over and set up the media players for you (e.g. set up windows licenses and remote viewing software (if appropriate)). We’ll also book in software training for your staff, if appropriate.

If your site is new or being refurbished, we’ll liaise with all the relevant parties (e.g. architects/interior designers, contractors) regarding the ins and outs of the installation.


In the days leading up to the installation we’ll contact the relevant people to check that the approved installation date/s is still correct/appropriate.

Once any preparatory work is completed (if appropriate) we’ll transport all of the relevant hardware onto the site at the specified time/date and install it.

Once installed, we’ll check everything works properly and that the is content optimised for the relevant screens. If you’re paying for technical support, we’ll also check that our helpdesk can access all of your displays remotely.

Before leaving, we’ll complete a site audit and make a record of the relevant hardware information (e.g. serial numbers, make/model).

We’ll put together a document for you containing all the hardware information, we’ll also supply photos of the site so you can gauge the quality of our work and compare it against the original project plan.

We’ll then ask you to sign an agreement to confirm that you’re happy with sign off the project.

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“What’s great about Saturn is that you can trust their advice and costings. They don’t hide costs, underestimate the time they need, or recommend cheaper hardware to artificially make their quotes look more attractive. They focus on delivering the best long-term value for money that they can, and on sticking to their promises."

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery

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