Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Cinema Digital Signage

Simplifying the management of your cinema’s on-screen information

Outdoor LED Wall digital signage at the ODEON cinema in London's West End

Simplifying cinema digital signage

We’re the largest supplier of digital signage to the UK cinema market, and have 20+ years’ experience in the sector.

We know how important food and beverage sales, and return visits are, and how to use digital signage to deliver those objectives efficiently to maximise profits.

We also know operators must use their resources wisely, and that managing digital signage content can be very time-consuming.

So we developed a suite of services to help operators (large or small) to be more efficient, and a range of solutions to meet all their promotional and operational needs.

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Some of our our cinema clients

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Our content library

  • Comprehensive trailer/poster library – this is updated weekly is contains downloads to aid instant publishing (includes foreign language films)
  • Library of F&B concessions content – this cotent is already screen-ready & supplier approved (e.g. Ben & Jerrys, Coke, Pepsi, Costa, CandyKing, Tango Ice Blast, Heineken, Chicago Town). We also offer a content creation/approval service for new suppliers

Our content services for cinemas

Content Services

  • Trailer/advertisement/promotion scheduling & publishing – scheduled by time of day, day of week, school/bank holidays, or site-specific
  • Multi-screen takeovers (i.e. shown on several foyer displays simultaneously) – creation & scheduling of content to appear at your specified times/locations
  • Campaign management & delivery – creative work, content creation & scheduling for film releases, marketing initiatives, F&B promotions, & event cinema
  • Movie-specific F&B content – creating custom content for F&B promotions & achieving sign-off from relevant distributors
  • Menu boards – design & creation of artwork/animation for price lists and promotions, & updating as necessary
  • Third party ads – scheduling of third party advisements (e.g. local businesses) & adapting ads for relevant screen sizes

Other services for cinemas

  • Box office info – integration of EPOS info into displays to show film times/availability/prices
  • Smart trailers – on-demand movie trailers with data collection/analytics indicating film popularity
  • Turnkey installation projects – consultancy, hardware specification & supply, project management/installation, software supply
  • Technical support – software user assistance, hardware maintenance, technical issue resolution, engineer call-outs, hardware replacement ordering, estate ‘health’ monitoring
  • Popcorn boxes – competitively-priced popcorn box design & print services via our sister company Saturn Print (special rates available for clients)
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Our digital signage solutions for cinemas

LED Walls

(indoor or outdoor)


Self-service ticket kiosks

(standard or bespoke inc. software)



(single or double-sided, indoor or outdoor)


Menu boards

(wall-mounted, hanging or counter-top)


Window displays

(single or double-sided)


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"We’ve been able to outsource all the time-consuming or complex activities to Saturn which means that our team can focus on doing what we do best."

Muhammad Faisal, Head of Operations at Reel Cinemas

Why Saturn?

Less legwork
Film trailers/posters/product ads downloaded & scheduled for you
Eye-catching menu boards
Using slick artwork & animation to highlight most profitable items/promotions
Wow-factor promotions
Designing & scheduling high impact multiple-screen takeovers to draw attention to promotions, products, new releases etc.
Smart content scheduling
Timing trailers in line with likely cinema-goer demographics, bank holiday/half term, time of day
Dynamic pricing
Integrating data systems for film time information and dynamic pricing of F&B
Optimal customer journey
Selecting & positioning displays/sound systems for varied viewing distances & ROI
Screen-generated insights
Using digital signage & software to create data & useful insights
Immediate delivery of on-screen price changes/corrections

Our recommended applications for digital signage in cinemas

There are many applications for digital signage in cinemas. We can help with them all.

  • Showing trailers
  • F&B price lists & promotions
  • Showing box office availability & prices
  • Promoting marketing initiatives (e.g. loyalty schemes, ticket promotions, kids clubs, classic film screenings, film festivals, kids parties)
  • Venue branding and displaying event info for conference/event hire
  • Third party advertising revenue generation
  • Concession info
  • Collecting data
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