Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Attract the attention of passers-by and highlight information

Capitalise on passing footfall

Want to capitalise on the footfall within or passing your premises? We can supply and install a range of different types of affordable, outdoor digital signage solutions that are weather (IP65-rated) and vandal-proof.

We don’t just supply and install standard outdoor digital signage hardware, we can also design and build outdoor enclosures unique to your needs/brand.

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Types of outdoor digital signage

There are three main types of outdoor digital signage:

  • Electrical hardware similar to standard digital signage equipment (LCD or LED screen, media player, and cabling), housed in a special, watertight, temperature/moisture-controlled enclosure which is IP 65 rated. Screens for outdoor use usually need to be high bright to make them easy to see on sunny days. They must also be designed to cope with varying temperatures.
  • Special LED walls designed for outdoor use.
  • Mobile A-board displays that are battery-powered and designed for short-term outdoor use.
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Outdoor digital signage hardware we supply & install

Display only LCD & LED high bright screens (32″-86″) (700 cd/m² to 4000 cd/m²)


Interactive LCD & LED high bright screens (32″-75″) (700 cd/m² to 1500 cd/m²)

Outdoor LED wall panels & mounting framework

(curved & flat)

Wall-mounted enclosures (IP65 rating)

Totem enclosures (IP65 rating)

(standard and super robust)

Digital A-Boards 43″ (IP65 rating)

Media player computers

Speaker systems


Outdoor digital signage enclosures with a lower carbon footprint

Most of the UK’s digital signage enclosures are manufactured in Eastern Asia. They’re transported around 13,000 miles by ship – one of the least sustainable methods of transport –and can take as long as 12 weeks to arrive in the UK.

At Saturn, we think there’s a better way. That why we have a library of tried-and-tested enclosure designs for outdoor digital signage that you can choose from and we’ll make to order in the UK. This means your order can be turned around in as little as four to six weeks and will reduce the carbon footprint of your digital signage project.

Our wall-mounted and freestanding outdoor digital signage enclosures tend to exceed the specifications of standard industry designs with regards to longevity and hardware protection.

They use clever design techniques to create optimum operating conditions for electrical hardware. They’re designed to keep any moisture out and control air flow to prevent condensation and/or the hardware overheating. They also have a three-point locking system which has a 100% track record of keeping vandals out.

We’re so confident in the quality of our outdoor digital signage enclosures that we offer one of the longest warranties on the market.


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Outdoor LED Walls

We specialise in specifying and installing outdoor LED wall technology and can create these large format displays in any size, flat or curved (concave or convex) and in your specified pixel pitch.

These are vibrant displays and can easily be seen, even in full sunlight. They’re energy efficient, relative to the size/scale of display, have a long hardware life, and are easily maintained.

We can position them on the side of buildings, making them visible from a long distance, or we can make them freestanding. To learn more about outdoor LED walls, click here. Contact our sales team for pricing.

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Mobile A-board displays

We can supply mobile A-board displays that have a 27-hour battery life and are designed for outdoor use, so they  can be used inside or outside your business.

These LED displays are fully portable and have a locking bar to secure the wheels in place.

They’re much brighter than a standard screen (700cd/m²) so your content will be visible to your customers even in bright sunlight. Speak to our sales team to learn more.

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Why we don't display our outdoor digital signage prices

There are three key reasons we don’t display prices for outdoor digital signage on our website.

  1. We set our hardware prices based on what we’re paying. We shop around for the best screen and media player prices, and where we can, we use bulk buying to get better rates from our suppliers and pass those savings on to you. If we charged a flat rate, you’d inevitably pay more.
  2. The more hardware and services you buy from us, the more our prices come down. We like to form long term relationships with our clients and reward them for spending more with us.
  3. Prices vary massively. There are so many different types of screen and LED panels that are suitable for outdoor use, that showing the price of one or two can be really misleading.
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Wall-mounted digital signage on a railway platform showing train proximity

Why choose Saturn for your outdoor digital signage?

  • Convenience – We can supply and install the relevant hardware, provide enterprise-grade content management software, and technical support. That means you’ll only have one company to deal with for everything
  • Experience – We’ve specified and installed outdoor displays (large and small) all over the country in locations ranging from railway stations and bus stops to cinemas in London’s West End. Not only that, but as we’re responsible for maintaining lots of outdoor displays, we know which hardware is most reliable in variable temperatures and which isn’t, so our buying advice is second to none.
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