Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Custom Screen Enclosures

Create digital signage enclosures, mounts & frameworks to meet your exact specifications

Digital signage enclosures unique to you

We are a UK consultancy that can create custom screen enclosures, mounts and frameworks for digital signage.

So, whether you’re problem-solving, want something unique to your brand, and/or that’s 100% perfect for all your needs, we have a full range of services to help you.

We can help you design and build your own screen enclosures and kiosks for indoor and/or outdoor use. We can adapt and/or add branding to existing designs, or help you create something from scratch.

We also offer a range of digital signage engineering services to assist with problem-solving.

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A breakdown of our custom screen enclosures/mount services

Enclosure/mount/fixing design

Standard enclosure adaptation/tailoring

Enclosure/mount/fixing manufacture

Custom LED display frameworks, housings, mounts, brackets & fixings

Mechanical drawings

Electrical schematics, solutions, & certification

Prototyping & sample manufacture

Field testing & modifications

Product image – finish, colours, branding etc.

The types of screen enclosure, framework & mount design services we offer

When it comes to buying digital signage enclosures/mounts/frameworks that you’ll own for more than a decade, ‘close enough’ to what you want, simply isn’t good enough.

We offer four key types of services for custom screen enclosures/mounts/frameworks:

  1. Modification/improvement – Modifying or upgrading standard digital signage enclosure/mount designs
  2. Creating from scratch – Creating brand new enclosure designs with a shape or look/feel that perfectly embodies your brand and/or that complements their location
  3. Hardware issue work-arounds – Designing hardware to work around practical issues (e.g. unusual dimensions, conditions or location)
  4. On-site problem-solving
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Our design process

  1. We’ll start by having a consultation meeting with you to understand your aims, challenges, and what the perfect solution looks like from your point of view.
  2. Then we’ll identify whether your needs can be met by using or adapting standard products.
  3. If not, we’ll involve our team of draftspeople and engineers who’ll design what you want, whilst also taking into account practical issues (e.g. maintenance, robustness, practicality, cost, compliance with regulations)

We can work directly with you, or take our brief from your architects/specifiers and liaise with them directly regarding your designs/engineering work.

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Some of our custom screen enclosure clients

  • SEIKO logo
  • ODEON logo
  • Reel Cinema logo

We make custom screen enclosures simple

We’re pretty flexible so we can work around your exact needs, and can usually turn projects around much faster (and often cheaper!) than if you ordered ‘off the peg’ digital signage enclosures/mounts.

  • Enclosure types – We can design digital signage enclosures for all types of situation including: indoor, outdoor, touchscreen displays, totems, or payment kiosks.
  • Materials – We offer a range of production materials for your enclosure including metal, stainless steel, glass, corian and/or moulded plastics.
  • Quantities – We can manufacture enclosures in low and high volume and have no minimum order. We can provide prototypes and/or sampling and certification testing (IP rating etc.) if required.
  • Manufacturing – All of our digital signage enclosures are designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Guarantee – We offer a guarantee on all of our standard and bespoke enclosures (the length of guarantee is dependent on the design complexity/component parts selected).
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Our engineering services for digital signage projects

We offer technical problem-solving for digital signage projects (think of us like a digital signage equivalent of the A-Team or Marvel’s Avengers).

This problem-solving can involve:

  • designing and building a complex one-off element
  • working around a site-specific practical/logistical issue
  • improving or adding functionality
  • finding a work-around when something’s costing more than it needs to

To see an example of our team in work, check out our Alight or ODEON case studies.

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Our team's skillset

Our team has a skillset so specialist that we’re often called upon to work with other digital signage consultancies and integrators who simply can’t do it themselves. This team consists of:

  • experienced draughtspeople – who’ve designed digital signage enclosures, mounts, and fixings for some of the country’s biggest brands
  • structural engineers
  • metal fabricators
  • electrical and groundworks engineers
  • AV programmers
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Custom screen enclosure for bus shelter

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