Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Screens

Use an LCD or LED screen to make your messages stand out

Digital signage screens along a corrridor at a UK cinema

High impact digital signage screens

Businesses around the world are switching from printed signs to digital signage screens for the flexibility and visual impact they offer.

We can supply wall, ceiling or floor mounted digital signage with LCD or LED screens in all standard sizes and from any major manufacturer (e.g. Samsung, NEC, LG, Phillips, Vestel) at competitive prices.

We can install your screens, supply software to manage your on-screen content, and provide hardware and software technical support.

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Samsung digital signage screen

De-risk your digital signage project

Our experts will help you de-risk your digital signage project by giving you a free initial consultation. We’ll advise you on which screens you need for your specific situation and why, and highlight any cost savings you might be able to make. We can then approach our suppliers and use our considerable purchase power to make sure that you get the best possible deal.

Get in touch now and get great advice and great prices for your digital signage screens.

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Vestel menu board digital signage in a cafe

Digital Signage Screen Uses

High-profile promotional space

Visitor welcome

Staff information


Branded experiences

Benefits Of Using Digital Signage Screens

  • Highly visible – greater visual impact than printed signs
  • Ability to change promotional campaigns/materials at any time
  • Ability to update info/prices automatically
  • Changes the aesthetic of a space, making it more vibrant


Digital Signage Screen Options

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Wall-mounted, hanging, rod-mounted, mobile or floor-mounted totem
  • Small, medium or large format
  • Audio or silent
  • LCD or LED
  • Display only or interactive
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Saturn Digital Signage Screen Features

3 year minimum warranty on all electrical hardware

Commercial grade screens

Designed for 24 hour usage

Screen saving ‘sleep’ mode

System crash auto restart function

Can integrate with third party systems

Guarantee on all enclosures/mounts


With this solution there are various different specifications that affect the price, depending on your requirements. Contact our sales team using our contact form or call 0161 222 0706 for a customised quotation, or to get a ballpark starting price.

Why Saturn

We de-risk projects
Digital signage disasters are expensive, embarrassing, and easy to make. We’ll ask lots of questions to make sure you get the right kit, that it’s all compatible, and that you’re likely to succeed with your goals.
We avoid false economies
We’ll focus on using the budget you have to get the best possible return on investment for you. Not on selling you cheap junk that won’t last a year.
We sell quality kit at surprisingly low prices.
We buy lots of digital signage hardware for clients and use that purchasing power to get great deals from suppliers. We'll pass those savings onto you,.
We’ll be honest with you.
We have a good reputation for honesty. If we think your plans are flawed, that you’d be better off with a different provider or a different solution, we’ll tell you so.
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