Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Managed Services

Digital signage estate management made easy

Managing digital signage can feel a full-time job, especially if you have a large estate.

We offer a digital signage managed service, so we can take the strain off you.

We’ll effectively run your estate for you, creating content for you, uploading and scheduling it.

We’ll also keep your system secure, monitor displays for any problems, and generally make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Our approach to managed services

We’ve been offering digital signage managed services for over 20 years. As a result, we know that one set package won’t suit every business.

Every organisation we work with has different resources, needs, and budgets.

As such, we allow you to build your own package made up of a combination of different options.

This flexibility means that it’s easy to work to a budget and get exactly the support you need, without spending more than you want to.

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Your digital signage managed service package options

All of our digital signage managed service packages come with a base package. The rest is up to you.

Base package

  • Remote system trouble-shooting
  • Software user support (mainstream & proprietary platforms)
  • Hardware support/engineer call-outs – NB: hardware replacements charged separately

Content creation

  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Content adjustment (e.g. resizing/reformatting)
  • Multi-screen content for synchronisation
  • In-house design support
  • Video editing
  • Third party brand liaison (e.g. regarding branded concessions content)

Content management

  • Content scheduling
  • Content management
  • Playlist building

Hardware loan


  • Ongoing estate ‘health’ monitoring
  • In-warranty replacement


  • Monthly reporting – support tickets, playlist appearances, security updates.


  • Windows security updates
  • Chrome updates
  • Encryption

NB: If you don’t want technical support, don’t worry, you can still work with our content services team on a retained basis.

Our service quality

Many digital signage managed service providers outsource their services, which means that there can be a disconnect between the company you’re paying and the people actually providing the service.

We deliver our managed services ourselves, not via outsourced suppliers. That means that you can have confidence in the expertise of our UK-based team and standard of service you’ll be getting, and that there’ll be consistency in the people you’ll be working with. It also means that our content and tech support teams all have visibility and awareness of what each other is doing because they all work in the same office.

The only time we’ll use an outsourced supplier is when an engineer site visit is required and it’ll take us longer than our target response time to get to your site.  And in that situation, we’ll use fully qualified and vetted engineers to deliver that service.

Your digital signage estate

There are lots of variables when it comes to digital signage estates. As such, some are more practical than others for us to support.

When it comes to brand new estates that we’ll be installing ourselves, we’ll always be able to deliver managed services to you.

For existing estates that we haven’t installed, we’ll do an initial assessment (free of charge) to understand the ins and outs of it. We’ll use this to see if there are any practical issues and if so, whether they can be overcome easily/cost-effectively. That way, you’re never going to be disappointed with the service you receive from us.

We’ll only ever take on managed service customers if we’re confident that we can deliver an excellent standard of service for you.


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Some of our digital signage managed service clients

  • ODEON logo
  • Movies@ logo

Why use a digital signage managed service?

Scalable – If you’re a large business with multiple sites – e.g. a franchise or corporate – managing a growing digital signage estate in-house can involve training lots of people in content creation and management, maintenance and technical problem-solving. By using a managed service, you can pass that responsibility on to experts who’ll do the job more efficiently than you can do it in-house.

Continuous improvement – When your digital signage estate is managed by experts, they will constantly be looking for ways to improve what you’re doing, and improving efficiency. That could be anything from coming up with clever content ideas, to looking for ways to reduce your energy bills.

Efficiency – Keeping up with software updates, security patches, and maintenance can be overwhelming. By outsourcing this, you can have peace of mind that your digital displays are in capable hands and being properly maintained, and any possible downtime is minimised.

Focus on your core activities – Time is money, and managing digital signage can be time-consuming. By outsourcing it, you can free up valuable internal resources and leave your team to concentrate on doing what they do best.

Why choose Saturn for your digital signage managed service?

  • Experience – We’ve been delivering a digital signage managed service to clients for more than 20 years and have improved it over time, so it’s pretty slick now, run by people who know what they’re doing.
  • Convenience – We’ve a broad suite of services and offer end-to-end delivery, so whatever you need digital signage-wise, we can handle it.
  • Content – We have one of the only teams of digital signage content specialists in the UK, so they know all the ins and outs of optimising content for screens, and targeted scheduling. They also know what gets the best engagement and why, so they can make suggestions for you.
  • Brand compliance – We create digital signage content for some of the world’s biggest brands (e.g. Mars, Coca Cola) so we’re used to working with strict brand guidelines, so we’ll make sure it’s always 100% compliant.
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