Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Leisure Industry Digital Signage

Promote food & beverage offerings, assist wayfinding, upgrade event space, supply visitor info…

Deliver a consistently good customer experience

Want to make your leisure attraction more profitable without significantly increasing your marketing spend?

Digital signage enables gyms, cinemas, theatres, museums, bowling alleys and even stadiums to do more with the real estate they have. It can help to deliver a better visitor experience, increase customer spend, and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

We can supply a variety of different solutions to support businesses in the leisure sector including:

We can install hardware, provide software and provide many other digital signage-related support services.

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Digital signage used at a bowling alley to promote food and drink promotions

Applications for digital signage in the leisure industry

Create exciting, unique interactive experiences

Promote standard products and services, food/beverage on-site facilities & merchandise

Promote upcoming events/new attractions/new products

Collect customer data/feedback

Create/upgrade event space

Assist customers with wayfinding

Display visitor info (e.g. availability/visitor guidance/health and safety messages)

Attract attention from passing footfall/traffic

Streamline customer purchases

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“Our digital signage estate is very large and complex, so it could be overwhelming if we didn’t have the right support package. We’ve been able to outsource all the time-consuming or complex activities to Saturn which means that our team can focus on doing what we do best."

Muhammad Faisal, Head of Operations

Key Benefits

  • Inspire return visits – promote events, new/temporary attractions, sporting excellence)
  • Create wow-factor – create interactive, fun visitor experiences, improve the overall look and feel of a destination with branded video & images
  • Manage visitors – increase dwell times, reduce loitering or highlight H&S messages
  • Efficient marketing campaigns – more cost-effective & faster to implement
  • Clarify your full offering – showcase all the products and services you offer by having more promotional space
  • Promotional space – promote your own products/services or sell space to third parties
  • Variable messaging prioritisation – change the frequency of message appearance on different days/times
  • Brand consistency – Guaranteed delivery of quality brand messages across different sites
  • Automated updates – Link third party software systems & automate price changes or box office updates
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