Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Commercial Video Walls

Make your messages impossible to ignore with these cost-effective, large format displays

Engage and educate your customers

Want to grab attention and engage your customers? Use a commercial video wall to catch their eye.

We’re a UK-based digital signage agency that can supply and install commercial video walls in a range of sizes, formats and orientations at competitive prices. We can also supply software and content services.

We pride ourselves on giving honest advice, and only using screens and mounts from from reputable manufacturers (e.g. LG, Samsung, NEC, Philips) to make sure that your display is attention-grabbing, durable, and protected by a solid warranty.

Video walls to meet your exact requirements & budget

There’s an almost limitless number of different video wall options, depending on what you want to achieve and the budget and space you have available.

We’ll help you choose the right video wall layout and size, and the advise you on the screen size, orientation (portrait, landscape, square), type (LCD/LED), brightness and bezel-size to create it.

If you’re working to a budget, we can advise you on all the options available within a certain price bracket.

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Commercial video wall components we can supply (models/prices on request)

Video wall screens

(LCD or LED with narrow bezel (various options available))

Video wall brackets

Media player computers

Speaker system


What are commercial video walls?

Video walls are used to create the illusion of a single large screen, but they’re actually made up of at least three screens of the same size and model, positioned next to each other using special brackets. They are controlled using a media player computer and content management software.

Video walls are a great low-budget way to create a large, wow-factor display. However, they’re less energy efficient and harder to maintain than LED walls – if one screen fails, your whole display cannot be used until the screen is replaced with another of the same size/model. To learn more, check our our blog on the difference between the two.

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Why choose Saturn for your commercial video wall?

  • Experience – We’ve installed more than a hundred video walls  at places like cinemas, car showrooms, and retail stores. We know how to optimise the space and budget you have available. Because we provide technical support for thousands of video walls around the country, we also know which screens and media players are the least problematic and deliver the best value.
  • Prices – We’ll shop around and liaise with a number of suppliers to get you the best deal on your screens and any other hardware you need and install it all for you.
  • Convenience – We can supply and install your video wall (including a speaker system if required), provide content management software and ongoing technical support, so you’ll only have one company to deal with for everything. We can store additional ‘gold stock’ hardware for you, to make replacements faster.
  • Content – We have a specialist digital signage content team in-house. They can produce eye-catching animation for your video wall, optimised for the screens it’ll be appearing on (including the screens’ bezel sizes).
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Why we don’t display our video wall prices

There are three key reasons we don’t display prices for video walls on our website.

  1. We set our hardware prices based on what we’re paying. We shop around for the best screen and bracket prices, and where we can, we use bulk buying to get better rates from our suppliers and pass those savings on to you. If we charged a flat rate, you’d inevitably pay more.
  2. The more hardware and services you buy from us, the more our prices come down. We like to form long term relationships with our clients and reward them for spending more with us.
  3. Prices vary massively. There are so many different video wall configurations, screen sizes and models that you can use, that showing the price of one or two can be really misleading.
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Digital signage video wall at a SEAT car showroom

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