Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Motion Sensors

Motion-activated digital signage content display

Trigger content to appear on your displays using sensors

Using digital signage and motion sensors together can allow you to create interesting unique branded experiences and/or automate elements of your customers’ journey.

We’re a consultancy that specialises in combining software development, motion sensors and digital signage hardware together to create cost-effective dynamic custom solutions.

Applications For Motion-Activated Digital Signage

Showroom/shop floor customer engagement

Information giving & gathering

Visitor welcome/registration

Generate visitor/retail analytics

Customer flow management

Create impactful branded experiences

Why use motion sensors for digital signage

Generally-speaking, there are three ways to use motion sensors for digital signage. Firstly, to change the content on screen depending on the person’s proximity to it, for example to show attention-grabbing content/welcome messages via the passive mode, then switching to a touchscreen interface when a person is in close proximity.

It can be used to navigate through a user interface on screen without the use of a keypad/mouse/touchscreen functionality, or a non-verbal way of communicating (e.g. using wave gestures). Alternatively, it can be used as a way to gather data, for example giving feedback which on-screen content held or failed to attract people’s attention.

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Why Saturn

Experience – We’ve got some pretty varied experiences of designing and building solutions using digital signage and motion sensors, and creating the software to support them. These range from, a quirky way of registering conference visitors, to a web-based shopping app with three proximity ranges that imported data from a website and embedded it into displays. Should you wish to generate analytics we can also do this for you.

Convenience – We’re a digital signage consultancy with a comprehensive and complementary range of services. We can design a solution for you, purchase the hardware required, develop the software needed to make the motion sensors do what you want, install the kit, supply content management software if needed, and provide technical support.


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