Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Motion Sensors

Motion-activated digital signage content display

Trigger content to appear on your displays using sensors

Using digital signage and motion sensors together can allow you to create a slick user experience and give you more value from your displays.

We’re a digital signage agency that can help you to automate elements of your customers’ journey using motion sensors and digital signage.

We can design, supply and install a hardware/software solution that makes it possible to vary the content that is shown to a person, based on their proximity to a sensor/display. We can also use them to generate useful data for you.

Get in touch to learn more about using motion sensors to show attention-grabbing content/welcome messages (via the passive mode), then switching to a touchscreen interface or showing different content when users are in closer proximity.

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Motion-Activated Digital Signage Applications

Showroom/shop floor customer engagement

Information giving & gathering

Visitor welcome/registration

Generate visitor/retail analytics

Customer flow management

Create impactful branded experiences

Benefits of using motion-activated digital signage

  • Give instructions/gather data without needing staff
  • Show content targeted at different stages of the customer/visitor journey
  • More brand engagement/enhanced brand experience
  • Greater control over the user experience & ambiance
  • Ability to automatically monitor/track demographic information and mood of visitors (subject to light conditions within the location)
  • Ability to create a modern, unique and attention-grabbing, branded experience
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