Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Meet the team

The Saturn Visual Solutions team is made up of lots of passionate people with different areas of expertise. Here are just a few of them.

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Key Responsibilities: Leading the strategic direction of the business as it grows and develops, ensuring the financial health of the business, and looking out for the wellbeing of Saturn staff.

Career Highlight: All the highlights I’ve had, and my best memories, are certainly around the great people I’ve worked with.

Why Saturn: What we do isn’t just buying and selling equipment. Far from it! I’ve always believed that we are at our strongest when we are solving problems. What I find the most challenging and the most rewarding, is when a client comes to us and says, ‘I’ve got a problem. Can you help me solve it?’ All of our strengths and all of our successes have tended to be built around that type of activity. We’re pretty much at our best when there there’s not an obvious solution to a problem and we all need to come together and find a way to solve it.

Key Responsibilities: Looking after the financial health of the company and ensuring all the accounts are accounted for on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. My responsibilities also entail HR administration, as well as making sure we meet health and safety standards.

Career Highlight: I can’t think of a single career highlight as there are just so many. I like the new challenges that my role offers and the opportunities to take on new responsibilities, and that you’re trusted to get on with your job. We operate within a variety of sectors, like the hospitality sector, cinemas, and rail, and there’s always a lot going on for different kinds of customers.

Why Saturn: I think we go above and beyond for the customers. By way of an example, during the COVID19 pandemic we took a stance that we wouldn’t bill our customers for our support services if they’d been negatively affected by the lockdowns. We gave them that financial leeway so they didn’t have to find money when they couldn’t generate an income in the usual way, and they really appreciated it.

Key Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall sales and marketing strategy of the business. Setting strategic objectives and managing the sales forecast.

Career Highlight: Navigating the team through the Covid-19 pandemic and coming back stronger than before. We made sure that we used the time we had during the lockdowns to take stock, rethink what we were doing, and come back a better and stronger Saturn. We made some brave moves and implemented a lot of changes and time has proven that they were the right things to do.

Why Saturn: Great team that cares. We care about our clients and each other and that shows in our work and the projects that we deliver. You can’t put a price on that level of passion. Our three tenets are to understand our clients, deliver what they need, and support them, and that runs through the whole business.

Key responsibilities: I act as a bridge between the sales team and technical teams.  It’s my job to oversee the technical team and ensure that we stick to our helpdesk service level agreements, that projects are delivered on time, and that we do new product testing to ensure that our clients always get good, reliable hardware.

Career Highlight: I’ve had a very varied role since joining Saturn. I first came into the business as part of the technical helpdesk team, then moved to the sales team as an account manager, then got promoted to customer services manager. All these changes and moves have allowed me to understand the business better and I love watching projects progress from start to finish, and then making suggestions to help the same customers get more value from their digital signage estate in the long term.

Why Saturn: We have a great technical team with a vast amount of knowledge and experience which means that we’re second to none when it comes to problem-solving and innovating.

Key Responsibilities: My role is split into three areas. I oversee the development of our software, increasing our included additional features, and striving towards better operational excellence. I work on the hardware side; integrating the operating systems, the PCs, and the physical infrastructure that our software runs on. I also work closely with our customer support department as we’re always looking at ways to create a better experience for our customers.

Career Highlight: I’m really proud of what we’ve done on our video-synching software which allows multiple different screens showing the same content and playing at the same time. Most digital signage companies would need network access or advanced hardware to achieve this. We developed the software to run without this.

Why Saturn: What I think Saturn does well is solve problems. We spend a lot of time understanding the needs of the client and what they’re trying to achieve. That positions us well to  us to use a combination of creative thought and technical innovation to find solutions.

Key responsibilities: It’s my job to raise awareness of the Saturn brand, and to continuously improve how we communicate with our customers and staff.

Career Highlight: It gives me a real buzz when we get enquiries from some of the biggest and best known organisations in the world who’ve found us though our marketing efforts. They come to us because we’re able to take on more complex and/or innovative projects that other companies would shy away from.

Why Saturn: Our team has a really broad range of expertise, so whether we have a client who’s looking to create a really original  user experience, solve a tough problem, or do something simple on a tight budget, we’re well placed to help.

Key Responsibilities: Providing leadership and implementation of the company’s compliance and cyber security initiatives, infrastructure development, and hardware quality assurance.

Career Highlight: Developing a real-time, animated, train arrival and departure system that operated 24/7 and helped with customer safety by reducing overcrowding and increasing dwell time for local businesses to use for advertising their products.

Why Saturn: The Saturn team genuinely want to help customers overcome their unique problems. We do that by listening, suggesting, incorporating feedback, and providing as comprehensive a solution as we can to help businesses achieve their intended outcomes.


Key Responsibilities: My role within Saturn is very varied. When I joined, I operated within the creative team. From then, I moved into the sales team. As time has progressed, some of those responsibilities have stayed with me, so I am able to stay informed about what different facets of the business are doing and oversee how they fit together to produce excellent results. More broadly, my role is focussed on maximising operational efficiency whilst also maintaining the highest possible standards of service.

Career Highlight: I’m proud of the work we have done with some of our customers, like the hands-on technological development with ODEON over a couple of decades, or the creation of ‘Saturn Select’ which we created during a project with AO to allow people to select and instantly show content on demand. There was a lot of brand-new technology that we were building that we’ve never used before, and that no one in the world had used before.

Why Saturn: We’re an independent company so this gives us complete autonomy to run things how we see fit. This is a huge factor in the quality of products, solutions and services we deliver, because our staff are able to do their job in the best way they see fit, and as a result, we have a quite creative our way of working.

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