Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Healthcare Sector Digital Signage

Highlight H&S guidelines, assist wayfinding, increase donor sign up/vaccine take-up, show visitor info…

Streamline the care process

Want to deliver great patient care on limited budgets and support staff working in difficult and often chaotic environments?

Digital signage can be used to streamline the care process, helping healthcare organisations to reduce the pressure on limited budgets, and make hospitals and clinics more efficient.

We’re a digital signage consultancy which specialises in healthcare and have worked with a number of NHS trusts helping them to improve their efficiency. We offer a range of different digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry. These include:

We can help you identify the most cost-effective solution for your healthcare facility. We can then install the hardware, provide software, and any other support services you might need.

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Digital signage solution in a hospital waiting room

Applications for digital signage in the healthcare industry


Reinforce best practice/health & safety guidelines

Reduce perceived waiting times

Increase blood/organ donor sign up

Staff recruitment/internal recruitment

Display visitor information (e.g. visiting times, car parking fees)

Self-service patient arrival registration

Promote internal incentives/initiatives

Reinforce wellness guidance to staff

Facilitate site evacuations (e.g. fire alarms)

Display key info (i.e. mandatory hospital KPI statistics)

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“We were impressed by Saturn’s recommendations. They did more than just identify where the most impactful locations for signage could be, they also identified where would be least effective and helped us understand why. Saturn took time to understand how the Trust works and what our needs are, and all of their suggestions were calculated for our benefit.

Christopher Leap, Digital Communication Officer, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Key Benefits

  • Reduce missed appointments due to patients getting lost on site
  • Reduce staff distractions related to giving visitors directions/information
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Reduce the likelihood of complaints/staff harassment due to long wait times
  • Improve the efficiency of site evacuations (e.g. fire alarms)
  • Increase operational/hygiene best practice among staff/visitors
  • Staff feel more supported/valued/motivated and take fewer mental health sick days
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