Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Queue Management Systems

Manage expectations, entertain, and create marketing opportunities

Take the stress out of queueing

Although queueing isn’t always avoidable, the anxiety and frustration it can cause is. Digital queue management systems can manage people’s expectations by giving them a clearer understanding of their wait time.

They can also be used to distract and entertain people whilst they are waiting, and even create marketing opportunities by providing promotional space.

We can supply and install an off-the-shelf digital queue management system or work with you to create a tailored solution that perfectly suits your needs. We can also provide ongoing technical support.

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Digital signage used for queue management

Digital Queue Management System Uses

Payment/customer service waiting area entertainment

Self-service check in

Calling ticket numbers/names

Promotional space

Our queue management solutions

At Saturn Visual, we offer bespoke and off-the-peg queue management digital signage solutions that suit your specific needs and goals.

Whether you need a system for a healthcare facility, retail store, a bank, office reception or any other venue, we can help you design and create a solution that works for you and your budget, and will improve your customer journey.

We can design, install, create and manage the content on your queue management digital signage system for you. We can also supply hardware, software and provide ongoing technical support.   We design with inclusivity in mind, ensuring clear visibility and adherence to ADA guidelines.

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Benefits of using digital queue management systems

  • Managing customer flow: Queue management digital signage can help you organise your queues, allocate your resources, and optimise your capacity. By providing clear and accurate information, you can reduce the risk of overcrowding, confusion, or frustration.
  • Improved resource management: Queue management digital signage can ask customers to self-register, reducing the demands on staff. This information can be used to track visitor flows and produce useful data that identifies trends in demand. Using this data, you can more easily balance the demand and supply of your service, avoiding bottlenecks or delays.
  • Reducing perceived waiting times: On screen queue management systems can reduce the perceived waiting times of your customers  by providing a welcome distraction via entertainment or by communicating useful information. This reduces the stress and boredom of waiting, making customers feel more comfortable and valued, and reducing the likelihood of walk-outs.
  • Promoting your products or services: Queue management digital signage is dynamic and can be used to create promotional space which will be seen repeatedly by a captive audience. Use this space to show advertising messages and/or news about your company, upcoming events, or promotional offers. Alternatively you can sell advertising space to appropriate third parties.
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