Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Transport Industry Digital Signage

Display health & safety info, assist with wayfinding, show promotional info & advertisements, manage disruptions…

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Improve the customer's journey

How can you make your transport hub operate efficiently and ensure that every traveller’s journey is as good as the last? How can you make disruptions less disruptive?

Transport hubs are busy, noisy and confusing places. Digital signage facilitates passenger journeys that are efficient, stress-free and, above all, safe.

We offer a number of digital signage solutions that can help public transport providers including:

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Applications for digital signage in the transport industry

Reduce perceived wait times

Promotional space

Health & safety guidance

Major event travel management

Highlight key information

Help passengers with wayfinding

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"The solution (at Manchester Piccadilly) has influenced passenger behaviour in a positive manner...and has caused significant buzz in the rail industry."

Sam Woolley, Project Manager

Key Benefits

  • Manage passenger expectations – give travellers clarity on disruptions
  • Reduce passenger confusion – Clarify peak/off peak travel times before travellers set off
  • Reduce complaints – Distract passengers to reduce their anxiety levels if they experience disruptions
  • Manage people flow at peak times – give instructions for large events e.g.  concerts, football matches
  • Increase take-up on special ticket offers
  • Reduce congestion/overcrowding on platforms
  • Reduce staff time spent on giving directions/info to travellers
  • Create new revenue streams from advertising space
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents – warn travellers of slippery walkways
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