Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Touch Screen Digital Signage

Deliver better customer service with fewer staff

Instant information, payments, promotional space and generate customer feedback

Customer expectations are rising all the time. People want instant access to information and services, but one-to-one customer service is expensive and often impractical to deliver.

Touch screen digital signage is incredibly flexible and enables businesses to give customers instant access to information and/or to make payments quickly and easily.

It can also be used to promote products/services and/or enable customers to give feedback on whether and how a business or service can be improved at the point when they begin to experience dissatisfaction, making issues easier to rectify.

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Man using touchscreen digital signage at a UK cinema

Touch Screen Digital Signage Uses

Self-service transactions (when combined with kiosk functionality)

Dual purpose - Promotional space & info/payments

Personalised information display

Soliciting customer feedback


Food menu navigation


  • Improve customer/visitor experience
  • Reduce staffing requirement
  • Information on demand


  • Wall mounted, pedestal, indoor or outdoor totem
  • Single or dual sided (totem)
  • Audio or silent
  • Adapt passive screens using a touchscreen overlay or buy purpose-built
  • Payment/kiosk functionality
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Can integrate with third party systems

IP65 rated outdoor enclosure. IP43 rated indoor enclosure

Designed for 24 hour usage

Sleep mode

Anti-reflective coated glass


Commercial grade

Enclosure guaranteed

Auto restart function

3G/4G network for remote locations


With this solution there are a number of variable elements that depend on your exact requirements. Please get in touch with our sales team on 0161 222 0706 for a customised quotation using our four-step process below, or to get an idea of a ballpark starting price for this solution.

We discuss your aims, objectives, your budget, the sites in question, and the solutions you may have in mind, the services/hardware/software/bespoke applications or integrations you might need, and any other relevant considerations
We visit your site free of charge to identify any factors which could affect the position, effectiveness, location, size and specification of your hardware. We also look for any project delivery/risk factor considerations.
We use our site survey findings to re-evaluate our initial recommendations and adjust them accordingly
We share our findings & recommendations, discuss with you if and how any improvements could be made to it, and if no amendments are required we submit our customised quote.
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