Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management service.

Digital Signage Design

Bespoke Screen Enclosures, Kiosks

When it comes to buying digital signage enclosures that you’ll own for more than a decade, ‘close enough’ to what you want, simply isn’t good enough.

We can design digital signage enclosures for all types of situation including: indoor, outdoor, touchscreen, or payment kiosks.

We can modify or upgrade standard digital signage enclosure designs, work around practical issues and/or screens with unusual dimensions. We can add functionality to signage, or create a shape or look/feel that perfectly embodies your brand.

We also offer consultancy, bespoke software and content creation and management services.

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Our bespoke hardware services

Product Design – accounting for environment, aesthetics, serviceability

Production of full mechanical and electrical drawings

Product image – finish, colours, branding etc.

Field testing and modifications


Standard enclosure adaptation/tailoring

We’ll start by having a consultation meeting with you to understand your aims, challenges, and what the perfect digital signage design looks like from your point of view. Then we’ll identify whether or not your needs can be met using or adapting standard products. If not, we’ll involve our team of engineers so we can realise your ambitions.

Our engineering team is led by an experienced draughtsman, who has more than a decade of experience and has designed digital signage enclosures and kiosks for some of the country’s biggest brands.

We can work directly with you to understand your needs and challenges, or take our brief from your architects and/or specifiers and liaise with them regarding the design. We can manufacture enclosures in low and high volume and have no minimum order. We can provide prototypes and/or sampling and certification testing (IP rating etc.)

We offer a range of production materials for your enclosure including metal, stainless steel, glass, corian and/or moulded plastics. We can also provide prototyping and sampling for larger projects.

All of our digital signage enclosures are designed and manufactured in the UK. We offer a guarantee on all of our enclosures, standard and bespoke (the length of guarantee is dependent on the design complexity/component parts selected).

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