Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Educational Digital Signage

Update students/staff, manage room bookings, promote achievements/open days

Use digital signage to modernise your educational establishment

More and more educational establishments are discovering how the flexibility of digital signage can help them improve how they communicate with staff, students, and the local community, and market their institution and its activities more effectively.

We’re a specialist consultancy that helps schools, colleges and universities to use digital signage for education. We can offer a number of solutions that can help educational establishments including:

  • Information screens in corridors to alert students to room changes, impending deadlines or to reinforce rules. They can also act as attention-grabbing digital noticeboards, or as welcome screens.
  • Interactive whiteboards are an invaluable learning tool as they aid student engagement
  • Menu boards to display your food/drink offering (and relevant allergy information) and highlight any food/drink promotions as well as showcasing events/work experience opportunities.
  • Digital wayfinding to help new students and visitors to find their way around large campuses.
  • Room booking systems to make it clear when classrooms, meeting rooms and sporting facilities are available, or who has booked them and what for.
  • Presentation screens to upgrade event space.
  • Outdoor screens to promote students’ achievements and forthcoming events/open days to passing traffic/footfall
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Applications for digital signage in the education sector

Digital noticeboards

Promoting oden days/events to public

Interactive wayfinding maps

Cafeteria menu boards

Highlighting visitor/student rules

Visitor welcome

Urgent student announcements/reminders

Meeting/classroom bookings

Student achievement recognition

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“Working collaboratively with Saturn enabled us to design a scalable solution to satisfy our immediate needs and also accommodate our future requirements. The positive impact of the initial phase meant that we have continued to see our Student Connect requirements grow year-on-year.”

Mike Woods, Support Services Director, Winstanley College

Key benefits of using digital signage for education

  • Create a wow-factor and present your learning environment as being modern and tech-savvy to prospective students
  • Manage classrooms, meeting rooms and sports facility bookings more efficiently and keep students abreast of last-minute changes
  • Generate more income from your food/drink outlets by better promoting the offerings
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Key benefits of using digital signage for education

  • Increase take-up of learning/career-development opportunities
  • Increase likelihood of students remembering key information/dates following regular reminders on displays
  • Inspire students by showcasing others’ achievements

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