Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Reel Cinemas

The brief

Independent operator, Reel Cinemas Ltd, developed a highly successful model for creating multiplexes in town centres, often adapting existing buildings for use as a cinema, and as a result is expanding rapidly.

Reel needed to create new brand standards for its sites that would have a broad appeal and could be applied at all subsequent multiplexes. They needed to give customers a high-quality experience that was unique to the brand and would rival that of much larger out-of-town multiplexes.

The solution

Using our in-depth knowledge of the cinema industry (built up over nearly two decades working with numerous cinema brands), we examined how Reel could strengthen the foundations of the business, in all respects, not just related to digital signage.

The company’s brand was fairly unrefined so our design team worked with Reel to develop it, making it stronger and easier to apply consistently across all customer touchpoints (including digital signage).

Reel had been buying bulky and old-fashioned-looking ticket dispensing machines. We developed a cost-effective bespoke enclosure design that would support the modern, light and airy feel that Reel wanted to create within its foyer and make purchasing tickets easier and more efficient for customers.

Self-service freestanding ticket kiosks at a cinema in Lancashire, UK

Furthermore, we looked at the layout of Reel’s sites and worked with them to identify a cost-effective digital signage hardware package with the right combination of visual impact, quality and longevity, which could easily be applied to other sites.

Reel wanted to establish its own ice cream brand so we took the Cream & Cones logo the company had created and used it to develop brand guidelines with a look/feel that would complement the other visual elements in the foyer area, and that would have obvious consumer appeal.  We used the guidelines to design the serving counter format for Reel – even down to creating bespoke wallpaper for them – and developed digital signage content that would showcase the products effectively and bring the area to life.

We developed a tailored proactive support package for Reel so that we would take on the responsibility of sourcing saturation title assets for Reel, uploading and scheduling trailers for them, as and when they became available. The package also included the management of the digital signage advertising packages sold by Reel to third parties.

Man looking at menu board digital signage in a cinema
Reel Cinema logo

“The support team is very responsive so when we have a difficulty or need to make changes to content on our signage quickly, it’s done within the hour.”

Muhammad Faisal, Head of Operations at Reel Cinemas

The result

Reel implemented the brand standards we recommended across all of its existing sites, and continues to apply them when launching any new sites.

Muhammad Faisal, Head of Operations at Reel Cinemas commented:

“Saturn did an amazing job creating the look and feel that we wanted in our foyers. Our brand has become more sophisticated as a result and we’re going from strength to strength as a business and developing a really loyal customer base.

“Our digital signage estate is very large and complex, so it could be overwhelming if we didn’t have the right support package. We’ve been able to outsource all the time-consuming or complex activities to Saturn which means that our team can focus on doing what we do best.

“The equipment Saturn specified is good quality and has been remarkably trouble-free, which makes life much easier for us.”


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Woman looking at a digital signage menu boards at a Cinema

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