Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

6 Reasons To Use Digital Signage For Manufacturing

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Digital signage can dramatically alter the operational efficiency of an industrial environment and improve staff satisfaction when used in the right way. We list six of the best reasons to use digital signage for manufacturing facilities,  warehouses, and industrial plants. 


Optimise production

  1. Centralised information

Operational efficiency is critical for industrial environments to be profitable, but there are multiple factors that can slow production or even bring it to a halt. Staff must constantly monitor multiple systems for indicators of a potential issue. Digital signage can bring together and display key data from different systems in one central place, making it easier to identify issues with equipment as they emerge and rectify them.

  1. Improve compliance with health & safety guidelines

It is natural for human beings to cut corners when under pressure, however in an industrial environment this can result in disruption to operations or serious injury to workers – potentially resulting in legal action. Digital signage is very attention-grabbing, so reminders displayed on screens regarding health and safety processes and best practice are harder to ignore – especially if they are shown as engaging videos rather than static messages. Furthermore, these health and safety messages can be shown on screens regularly, reinforcing them so they are hard to forget. This heightened awareness often means that all staff are more aware when rules are broken, making them more likely to intervene when colleagues fail to adhere to them.

  1. Staff motivation & retention

It can be hard for businesses to engage with non-desk-based workers (especially when they have limited access to a mobile phone during work hours) and make them feel part of a wider team and that their efforts are valued. Digital signage can be used to ensure that all staff get the same information, whether they are desk-based or on a factory floor, so they never feel left ‘out of the loop’. It can also reinforce company culture by displaying and reinforcing company values.

Company success stories and positive customer feedback related to the work done by factory floor staff can be relayed to them in an efficient and well-presented way via screens, making them feel valued and therefore more satisfied in their job.


Controlling operational efficiency

  1. Communicate operational changes

Communication is difficult in an industrial situation. Updates regarding operational changes are hard to circulate to staff, especially with shift workers. Digital signage makes it simple to disseminate all the necessary information to all staff instantly, no matter where or what time they work, or how noisy the environment.

  1. Performance updates

Staff motivation is invariably improved when employees can see what effect their work is having, but performance data is not always relayed to staff in a timely manner in an industrial environment, which leaves employees in the dark. Digital signage can be integrated with third party software so information on screen can be updated automatically, giving staff up-to-the minute performance information all day every day, helping them to see what the business’s needs are and increase their own productivity when it matters most.

  1. Reinforce best practice

In a busy industrial environment, operations can be slowed by staff doing things in an inefficient way, for example moving stock or supplies at the wrong time or storing materials in the wrong places. Digital signage can be made weather-resistant and dust-proof through the use of enclosures, making it suitable for even the toughest environments (outdoor or indoor) so staff/delivery drivers/warehouse operatives can be given clear, timely instructions about processes and logistics practices they need to adhere to for optimum operational efficiency.


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