Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Free Digital Signage Consulting Session Worth £450

Digital signage consultation meeting

At Saturn, everything we do revolves around you. So, for a limited period, we’re offering organisations a free digital signage consulting session worth £450.  This won’t be a sales pitch disguised as a consultation, but a session with one of our consultants who have extensive experience in communications technology, business operations and customer experience strategy.

The session will be split into two sections. We’ll use the first part of the session to learn about your organisation’s individual circumstances. In the second part, we’ll offer some suggestions and straightforward advice on your digital signage strategy, content, and how you could start saving your business money and/or making it more profitable using digital signage.


What to expect

During the free consultation we’ll ask about

  • your business aims and priorities
  • your business challenges
  • your products/services
  • your business real estate
  • your interest in digital signage


We’ll then use your answers to give you tailored advice specific to your organisation on areas like:

  • whether digital signage is likely to deliver a good return on investment for your business
  • how you could use digital signage to best deliver value to your organisation
  • whether it could be multipurpose and used in different ways to deliver different benefits for your business
  • whether you could use data integration to optimise business efficiency
  • How you could use your available resources to best effect


Why we are offering a free digital signage consulting session

At Saturn, we always aim to understand a business and its situation before giving any advice. We use our digital signage consulting sessions to understand the whole picture as far as your organisation is concerned, so that any suggestions we make are appropriate and will genuinely deliver value.

But more importantly, we genuinely love learning about businesses and coming up with ideas related to digital signage to help them (everyone’s got to have a hobby eh!). We get a real kick out of spotting all the different business improvement opportunities, and making suggestions that will have an effect on the company’s bottom line.

After our consultations, businesses tend to have clarity on what their next steps should be and why, and have a better understanding of the value we can add, which often results in us winning new clients.


How to get your free consultation

This offer is open to businesses that are interested in installing digital signage or that already have a digital signage estate. Just fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page or call us on 0161 222 0706.

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