Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

The brief

Culture Liverpool entrusted the Unity Theatre, a charitable organization, with the task of creating “A Place of Hope” for the Eurovision Cultural Festival 2023.

This would be an immersive experience to celebrate the culture and life stories of Ukrainian people while shedding light on the challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees in the area. The Unity Theatre, with limited resources, approached Saturn to fix some faulty screens in time for the event so they could be used to show some impactful videos.

The solution

We assessed the hardware but found that it would be prohibitively expensive to fix them, so we devised an alternative solution within the available budget, appropriate for the relevant spaces within the theatre, and that could be delivered within the relevant timeframe.

We recommended an interactive exhibit to engage visitors, and explained that they could leverage some of our existing software and adapt it for their needs at a minimal cost. This would allow visitors to select and view different videos.

We offered to loan them a 50-inch portrait and 43-inch landscape screen, and a small touchscreen integrated within a lectern – that were perfect for the exhibition space and box office.

The result

Despite the challenging timeframe, we successfully adapted the software, conducted thorough testing, installed the hardware and created two focal points for visitors in time for the Eurovision festival.

The displays invited visitors to pick from a collection of 10 different Ukrainian refugee videos using the touchscreen lectern, and then the videos appeared on the larger screen. The displays were used by hundreds of people, showcasing the talents of the unemployed refugees to potential employers.


Emily Maguire, Online Lead, Unity Theatre

“As we were so busy organising all the events and activities, we didn’t think about whether we could do something with our meeting room until a couple of months before the Eurovision Song Contest was due to start.

“Saturn pulled out all the stops to get the software and content ready – which was no mean feat given that we hadn’t even finished recording the refugee interviews – and install it all for us in time for the Eurovision festival.

“We and the visitors to the theatre were very impressed by the quality of the end result. We were also very surprised at how helpful the Saturn team was, especially given that we had a minimal budget.”

Emily Maguire, Online Lead

Rachael Welsh, Business Development Manager

“What I loved about working with Saturn is that they’re such fantastic problem-solvers. They seem to thrive on learning about other businesses and working out how to solve their issues and overcome whatever challenges are thrown in their way. It’s genuinely fascinating to watch them in action.

“The Saturn team is very knowledgeable about the leisure and tourism sector and immediately knew what would work best for our situation, giving us suggestions that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

“I’d recommend Saturn to any business wanting to create a cost-effective interactive experience, or that are looking for budget-focussed digital signage advice and services.”

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