Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage For Franchises

Strengthen your brand

Whether your franchise is selling fajitas, fitness club memberships, or family cars, effective communication with customers is essential to strengthen your brand.

We’ve worked with various types of franchises and we know that digital signage needs to work for the franchise, reinforcing the brand, and communicating their offering effectively.

It needs to work for the franchisee and deliver a noticeable return on investment, and to be both affordable and trouble-free.

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Franchise digital signage packages

We work with franchises to create cost-effective brand packages that allow them to create a slick, modern feel and uniformity across all of their outlets, but also to outsource all of the complex and/or labour-intensive tasks to us. Our packages can consist of:

We appreciate that adding to a franchisees’ costs needs to be handled sensitively. That why some of our franchise clients give us a budget to work to, and we’ll craft an all-inclusive package accordingly that gives them the best value for money.

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Types of digital signage we can supply to franchises

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How to use digital signage to strengthen your franchise

We often speak to franchises that are considering using digital signage, but are cautious that franchisees may not see it as a good return on investment. Franchises that have the most success with digital signage are those that present it as multi-functional tool. Uses for digital signage in franchises include:

  • Attracting new/repeat customers – Using outdoor or window displays to attract attention from passers by & encourage them inside
  • Upselling/cross-selling – Using touchscreen displays to prompt users to upgrade or purchase additional items
  • Creating demand – Displaying selected videos and consumer reviews of products/services (e.g. with low take-up) to support sales staff in hitting targets
  • Staff training – For displaying staff training materials (e.g. videos) before and after store/outlet closing
  • Creating awareness/understanding – Showing educational content to educate customers where information gaps exist (e.g. promotions or product/service quality) or to explain technical info in a simplistic way
  • Company updates – Showcasing new product/service launches, product/service availability
  • Increase compliance – Reinforce best practice to customers to improve operational efficiency and avoid time-wasting/issues
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SaturnVision - our content management software

SaturnVision digital signage software desktop showing on a laptop

We designed our digital signage software to make managing an estate easy, whatever size it is.

It’s an enterprise-grade, cloud-based system. It gives franchisees the freedom to adjust the content in their outlet in line with the demographics and needs of their customers. But it also gives the brand oversight and/or control over the what appears, where, when and how.

Our SaturnVision software is easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality, a Microsoft-style user interface, and the ability to preview content before publishing it, and to see what appeared after content is published.

Our software is has features to aid on-screen continuity in the event of an issue. Features like status visibility, auto-restarting if a media player crashes, and saving media files locally if Wi-Fi fails, avoids franchisees suddenly having blank screens showing in their outlet.

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