Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.


Instant control over digital signage content

Instant access to the content you want, where you want it

Although digital signage software makes it easy to upload and schedule content, it’s not an instantaneous process.

The SaturnSelect solution makes it easier to select/switch content showing on your digital signage, and also gives you the option to pick the screen it appears on. This enables you to change content on screens in line with conversations you’re having with customers/visitors/colleagues/delegates, and to show it in the locations most convenient for them.

Controlled using a Wi-Fi-enabled device like a tablet, you use the application to select content from a  library of items. You then pick the screen you want to it to show on, and it will instantly appear.

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SaturnSelect Uses

Cinema film trailers on demand

Showroom/shop floor customer education/engagement


Event spaces

Branded experiences

Benefits Of Using SaturnSelect

  • Instant access to content
  • Ability to quickly switch between materials & watch different selected materials simultaneously
  • Personalise the customer/visitor experience
  • Aid sales conversations
  • Convenient curation of materials



  • Content can be shown with audio or without
  • Bespoke UI available
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SaturnSelect Features

Can be used to control an unlimited number of screens

Ability to show HD/4K content

User-friendly software


With this solution there are variable elements that depend on your exact requirements. Please get in touch with our sales team on 0161 222 0706 for a customised quotation or to get a ballpark starting price for this solution.


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