Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Reception Digital Signage

Use digital signage to create a warm welcome for your visitors

Whether you’re in professional services, retail, or real estate, first impressions count. Reception digital signage can lift perceptions of your company or location.

We’re a specialist consultancy that helps businesses use reception digital signage to create a wow-factor in their entrance areas, and create a warm welcome that makes an impression on visitors.

Some of our digital signage solutions that can enhance reception areas, foyers, lobbies and waiting areas are below.

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Indoor LED walls/video walls

LED wall in AO office reception area

LED walls (curved or flat) or video walls can be used in the reception area of your premises to be an attention-grabbing feature that’s on-brand, and has a real wow-factor.

We can specify an appropriate display for the space/budget you have, supply and install it, and give you easy-to-use software to manage the content appearing on it.

We also have an in-house team of specialists that can help you create slick, branded content for it.

Digital window displays and outdoor LED walls

One office building looks much the same as another to a casual observer.

We can help you use digital window displays and/or an outdoor LED wall to create an impressive welcome to visitors, attract the attention of passing footfall, and to put your premises (and brand) on the map.

Depending on the position and height of your building, an outdoor LED wall can be seen from half a mile away, which can significantly raise the profile of your business and brand.

We can supply and install single-sided digital window displays for large or small windows to communicate your corporate or sales messages outside your building, or double-sided displays to show content both inside and outside of your building.


Outdoor LED wall digital signage at the ODEON cinema in London's West End

Small format displays

Visitors waiting in the reception area of your large, corporate, office building are a captive audience so you have the perfect opportunity to communicate whatever messages you like to them.

Individual information screens can be used in large reception areas to impress, entertain, and educate your visitors all at once.

Digital displays can convey corporate messages/news. They’re also useful to distract visitors, reducing their perceived wait time.

Totem information points

Whether you have a large or small reception area, touchscreen totem digital signage can provide a central information point for your visitors. They can give visitors all the details they need to find where they’re going, or enable them to announce their arrival for a meeting.

They can also be dual purpose showing promotional content and acting as an interactive information source simultaneously.

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