Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Digital Signage Wrexham

Improving communication in Wrexham and North Wales

Wrexham and North Wales has a rich industrial heritage, a bustling manufacturing economy, and a growing tourism sector. As such, there’s a huge amount of commercial potential within and around the city.

We help businesses in Wrexham, Cheshire, Shropshire and right across the North Wales coast to use digital signage to make their businesses a success.

You may have already seen some of the displays we’ve installed in and around the city, like at the ODEON cinema at Eagles Meadow.

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Our digital signage services in Wrexham

We’re a specialist digital signage consultancy that offers a full suite of comprehensive services right across Wrexham and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re using digital signage for the first time, upgrading/replacing the hardware you already have, or are looking for support with managing a large digital signage estate, we can help.


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“We wanted a digital signage company that we could partner with. One that, like us, wanted to challenge the norm, could bring lots of experience and exciting ideas to the table and would be great to work with. Saturn has managed to exceed all of our expectations.”

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery,

Types of digital signage we can supply & install in Wrexham

There is an almost never-ending list of hardware options to choose from when it comes to digital signage.

Every piece of electrical equipment has its own pros and cons and cost-considerations.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you to identify the best hardware to suit your needs and budget.

Our digital signage solutions

The types of digital signage we can supply and install in Wrexham and surrounding areas include:

Types of companies we work with

It’s be easier to tell you the industries that we don’t work with (there aren’t many!) rather than those we do work with, as it’s a pretty long list.

But the industries we work with most are:

  • Leisure & hospitality (cinema, theatres, museums, visit attractions, sports venues, hotels, restaurants, pubs/bars, fast food outlets)
  • Retail (car dealerships, food/drink outlets, specialist retailers, supermarkets)
  • Corporates (blue chip businesses, franchises, property/construction companies, professional services businesses)
  • Transport & industrial (railway/airport/bus operators, manufacturing, logistics, mining, utility providers)
  • Healthcare & education (health trusts, independent health care organisations/companies, universities, colleges, schools)

Why work with Saturn?

Experience: Many businesses come to us with a list of what they think they need, but end up buying something quite different after speaking to us.

Because our experienced team know all of the hardware options on the market, we know what does and doesn’t work well in different situations.

We’ll often make suggestions that are more cost-effective, more eye-catching, or that will generally just work a lot better in practice than what you originally had in mind.

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Why work with Saturn?

Convenience: We know how busy our customers are, so we try to make everything as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

That’s one of the many reasons that so many businesses in and around Wrexham – plus household name brands like ODEON, Volkswagen and the NHS – work with us.

The way we work means that you’ll only have one supplier to deal with, and you  can trust us to just us to get on with things, whether that’s installing/replacing displays or creating and publishing new content.


Why work with Saturn?

Price: Another good reason businesses in Wrexham work with us is our prices.

We regularly bulk buy hardware and as a result get preferential hardware rates from our suppliers which we pass onto our customers.

We also believe in rewarding our best customers so the more hardware and services you buy from us, the more our prices come down.

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Saturn Visual Solutions ethos - understand deliver support

The Saturn process

We have a set, three-stage process to help you get a good return on investment from your digital signage as quickly as possible.

Our process is:

Understand: We’ll work with you to understand your goals, any challenges you have, the site/s you’re working with, and the budget you have in mind. When we have a full understanding of what you want to achieve and why and a good grasp of all the considerations, we’ll then give you our recommendations and a quote.

Deliver: If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get all your hardware ordered and primed for use. We’ll agree the installation date/s with the relevant stakeholders at your end, then we’ll just get on with delivering the installation project for you.

Support: Once your hardware is installed and you’re happy that everything is working properly and has been done to your satisfaction, we can either leave you to it or support you on an ongoing basis. We can provide services like content management software licensing, technical support, and/or content creation and management to ensure you get the results you want within your preferred timeframe.

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