Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.
Comprehensive digital signage design, installation and management services.

Internal Communications Digital Signage

Improve company culture and motivate staff

Your staff need to know what’s going on within your organisation and why, and when they are and aren’t in line with your company’s best practice. This can’t be done with via an occasional email. That’s where internal communications digital signage comes in.

Whether you have a large site or lots of sites with staff spread across a large geographic area, it can help to create a consistent company culture and behaviours, and for your staff to feel motivated and valued.

We can supply a range of digital signage displays and easy-to use enterprise-grade software for controlling your estate.

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We help businesses to appreciate where the optimum places are for internal communications digital signage on and around their sites, and how to get the best ROI from their budget.

We’ve helped some of the UK’s biggest brands to successfully use digital signage for a range of internal communications objectives. These have included: business performance improvement, reducing silo-working, improving staff motivation, instilling brand values, upskilling staff, improving H&S, supporting CSR initiatives and much more.


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Our internal communications digital signage solutions

We can supply and install a range of digital signage solutions for internal communications. These include:

We can also provide ongoing content creation and management services and technical support.

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Where to use internal communications digital signage

Hallways & cafeterias

Your employees are constantly bombarded with information via email, messaging apps and social media so it can be hard to make important messages to staff stand out.

Large displays like video walls and LED walls in areas where lots of staff congregate (e.g. foyers and cafeterias), and  smaller displays in places that staff regularly pass through (e.g. lift landing areas and hallways) can provide the perfect opportunity to highlight key information to staff. We can specify and install suitable digital displays, supply software to manage the on-screen content, and provide technical support.

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Break rooms/breakout spaces

For break rooms and break-out spaces to be effective, they need to be flexible. We can install touchscreen displays within break-out areas that can be used like a computer monitor to show information housed on the network.

For optimum flexibility, we can also install video conferencing cameras and speaker/mic systems (if the area has appropriate sound insulation). When not in use, screens that are easily visible to staff passing the area can switch to a ‘passive’ mode and convey corporate communication messages – e.g. company vision/values, best practice, news.

To save energy, the screens can also be programmed to shut down automatically when staff have left the office for the day.

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Contact centres

Good communication is essential in contact centres. Not just for effective call handling, but also for ongoing staff satisfaction. Screens can be integrated with third party software and used to deliver live metrics and operational information at a consistent pace and time. They can also communicate staff news and reinforce best practices  and health and safety messages.

We can assess viewing distances and identify the size and volume of screens required, giving all contact centre staff good visibility. We’ll also identify appropriate mounts so they don’t obstruct effective staff communication.

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SaturnVision - Our internal communications digital signage software

SaturnVision digital signage software desktop showing on a laptop

Getting the right software is crucial for internal communications digital signage. Above all, a platform must be easy to use. Not just to garner engagement and enthusiasm from the staff responsible for communicating company messages, but also to ensure that any issues are easy to fix and don’t become an ongoing headache for IT staff.

That’s why we designed our corporate communications software to make managing a digital signage estate easy, regardless of how big or complex it is.

You can learn more about our software’s features here, or get in touch to book a demo.

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“The tangible benefits we’ve seen since deploying the SaturnVision solution is testament to Saturn’s expertise and the possibilities that digital signage presents as an effective communications channel. Indeed, the response was such that we rolled out a second phase project aimed at our internal stakeholders.”

Andy Savage, Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

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